Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons as the trees grow their leaves back, flowers blossom and grass gets its green color back. Spending time outside the house certainly seems much more fun and the scenic beauty enhances the overall experience. However, the change in weather allows some dangerous pests to come back which could ruin the whole experience. Therefore, in spring you need to make necessary arrangements for pest control. You have to watch out from them as they could cause some major health problems for your family, friends and pets. During the worst scenarios you might end up facing severe health consequences, that is why we are going to discuss some common pests found during spring and how you could avoid them.


Ticks are very small organisms that require blood meals to complete their life cycle. The moisture and warmth of the spring season is their favorite temperature climate. The only defense you have against them is to avoid them as much as you can. Whenever you go outside to have walk-in long grass pastures try to wear longboats and complete clothes that cover your whole body. In this way, you would not expose your skin to any kind of tick bites. One of the most common ways for ticks to enter your household is through your pets. Therefore, when your pets return home always check their fur for ticks and other pastes that they could carry.

Prevention Against Ticks:

Well, there is no ideal prevention technique other than wearing long sleeves and trousers during your time outside the house. You could use some tick repellent sprays and oils to avoid their bites and to be safer outside. Moreover, get your pets’ regular ticks prevention therapy to ensure they don’t carry any pest in the house. Try to get a bath after every outdoor activity and also give your pets a good cleansing shower regularly. Somehow if you still feel like that your house contains some ticks then contacting Pest Exterminator Surrey BC experts is not a bad option. Hiring professionals have a lot of advantages as they get rid of every kind of pest with the right products. Most of the products require careful handling and can cause damage to a person in case of an accident. Furthermore, they have the technical training to perform these procedures and know how to handle infestations.

What If You Get A Tick Bite?

Tick bites can lead to Lyme disease and some kind of fever but that doesn’t mean a single bite would infect you. Most of the ticks don’t carry any serious illness and you are mostly safe after a tick bite. When you get bitten by a tick the most important part is how you deal with it. If you find some tick attached to your body remove it as swiftly as possible, never use bare hands, always use a tissue paper or gloves to remove them. Do not grab them by their body always remove them from the head so that while getting rid of them you don’t push any contaminated fluid in your body. Not every tick bite is dangerous but if you start to feel any symptoms after the bite always consults a physician.

House Flies:

House flies can be very annoying and their presence can make the atmosphere very unhygienic. During winters you might not see them much but with the arrival of summer, they tend to multiply. As with temperature there breeding cycle improves and that is why you see them a lot active during the day. The main thing to avoid them is to keep your house neat and clean and to not leave any kind of food uncovered. Use a bug repellent spray or install lights that attracts and kills them with an electric shock.

Honey Bees And Wasps:

Wasps and honey bees are much more common during spring as they are building their nests in preparation for hot summer weather ahead. Wasps stings are very painful as they release venom by each sting, a single wasp could sting multiple times releasing varied proportion of venom. The small quantity of their venom could cause allergies and pain the body. However, if you get stung multiple times the higher quantity of the venom could lead to possible death.

Preventing Wasps’ Stings:

Some common things that attract bees include bright color clothes and sugary snacks. Therefore, try to avoid wearing floral color patter clothes, avoid eating and drinking high sugar snacks and beverages outside during springtime. Do not panic if you see any bee approaching your movement might trigger them and they find you some kind of threat. Some of the bees would certainly fly around you and go away. Whenever you see a bee’s nest or colony don’t remove them yourself and contact experts for your safety.

What If You Get Stung by A Bee?

Getting stung is very painful but if the effects are mild you could treat them at home. Remove all the stringers immediately and wash the sting area with warm water and soap and use a cold pack to overcome swelling and pain. However, if you feel dizzy and have difficulty in swallowing after being stung then contact a doctor immediately you might be having an allergic reaction.