Phishing is a common method that many irresponsible people used to get or maybe it’s more appropriate to call it, steal, the target personal information. In many cases, this method uses email as the platform to lie down the bait for you, the target, to be fished. Once you enter your personal information, the people that sent that email will get away with that information and use it for their benefits. How can we deal with this problem? Is there any anti phishing solution? Yes, we have five solutions that can protect you from a

phishing attack.

  1. PhishProtection

You can find it at this company offers all kinds of anti-phishing tool and service that can protect your business from a phishing attack. They also offer a training program, which is an important factor that your business needs. As we all know, phishing mostly aims the carelessness of the computer user. By training yourself or your employee, if you run a business, you can lower the chance of being a phishing attack victim.

  1. Phishproof

With this anti phishing software, you can run a simulation and train yourself, so you can easily recognize the phishing attack pattern. They have many kinds of plans and each of them is available at an affordable price, which makes phishproof become one of the best solutions you can use to counter phishing attack.

  1. Mimecast

This is another great anti phishing tool that you can use. they have a complete set of features that can protect you from phishing attack of any kind. For example, the Impersonation Protect features help you to recognize the phishing attack that tries to copy the party or people that you know. The URL Protect feature even can rewrite the entire link in the email you received and match it with the original website. so, mimecast anti phishing solution  gives you all protection.

  1. Duo

This one is a unique service and phishing assessment tool. One of the unique features is all protection features. This software and service can protect your important data as well as password and such that you use on all gadgets. So, with just Duo service and tool, you can get everything that you need. Make sure you choose the right plan to get the anti phishing software that matches your business.

  1. ModusCloud

This is the tool that was created by Vircom. They use the cloud-based protection to keep your email from spam and any dangerous email. Moreover, they also can provide secure encryption for your email, so you don’t need to worry about the data you sent. The URL and attachment defense service is another great phishing protection you can get from this tool.


Those five are only some of the tools that you can find and get on the internet for phishing protection. Each of them has different features and advantages. So, you need to choose the best anti phishing software among those five with features and advantages that you and your business need. Then, you won’t need to worry about phishing attack anymore.