Infrared Grill

Cooking is a daily practice but now there are three ways to do so which are convection, radiation and conduction. It doesn’t matter whether you are cooking by radiant heat, microwave or infrared. Radiation is the new way of moving things in the kitchen with infrared becoming the go for method for a lot of chefs. It is a common practice for backyard chefs who use infrared gas grills and burners.

According to research, about 75 percent of all American households have grills which now makes barbecuing the most popular method of cooking among them. Grilling is known as a better method of preparing vegetables because it helps retail nutrients.

Today, there are several types of grills but the most common are the gas grills and the traditional charcoal grills. The former uses either gas or propane as a source of energy while the later uses charcoal as the name suggest as the source of cooking energy. Do you know infrared grilling has a couple of health and environmental benefits? In this brief, we are going to list all the benefits of infrared grilling.

What is an Infrared grill?

In the case of infrared grill, a ceramic top is installed to serve as the cooking surface. Many people confuse the infrared grill and the gas grill. Though they are not particularly the same, the basic fuel source is same. The biggest difference between the two lies in the heat usage.

In an infrared grill, the fuel source doesn’t heat the cooking surface directly as it is the case with gas grill. In this case, the fuel source heats up the infrared element which later transfers infrared radiation to the cooking surface. This is clear that the infrared grill uses infrared radiation to heat and cook the food.

The fact that infrared grill uses radiation to cook food; most people are worried about its health benefits. As a matter of fact, most of the chefs want to familiarize themselves with the pros and cons of this cooking method.

Benefits of infrared grilling

The market demand for infrared grill is on the rise for the best reasons. Most manufacturers in the market today are very happy about this and also incorporate an infrared grilling feature in the traditional cooking gas. If you want to test an infrared grill and see if what we are talking about is true, then you can simply check here. Below are some of the benefits.

Uniform heating surface

This is the first benefit which makes cooking easy and at the same time offer uniform cooking. The heating mechanism in infrared grill is configured below the ceramic tile. This is what facilitates uniform distribution of heat. As a matter of fact, this is the reason why most backyard chefs go for infrared grill.

Less time for ignition

In this case, the infrared radiation is used to heat the food directly which means that the preheating time is relatively less than that other grill types. This helps to save you time and energy.

High temperature option

Lastly, you have an option for high temperatures. Actually this is a major advantage of infrared grilling. They come with a high temperature setting option. This high temperature option can be as high as 700oF.  This is the main reason why most chefs recommend this for recipes that require elevated temperatures for cooking.

Other benefits

  • Tasty and Juicy foods
  • Energy efficiency

Disadvantages of infrared cooking

Every coin has two sides and so you expect that infrared grilling has some disadvantages. Though, the disadvantages are just minor which still makes this cooking appliance one of the best. Below are some of the cons.

No option for low temperature regulation

This is a major disadvantage which means you will not have an option for low temperature settings. This is actually the reason why some chefs won’t recommend infrared grilling for vegetable and fish recipes.

Health risks

Although this is not scientifically proven, some people claim that this method of cooking has higher health risks especially because of the higher cooking temperatures.

Less portable

The other disadvantages is that once this is installed, you may not be able to move with it from one place to the other unless in the case of uninstalling it and reinstalling it later.


You will end up investing a lot of your money in this cooking appliance. Though, given the benefits above, there are all the reasons to spend money on it.

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