If you prefer to get the best Dahua products then you can reach the Dahua CCTV supplier Nairobi or even purchase through an online platform. The ordered product can be getting delivered anywhere in the Kenya region. Almiriatech Store is one of the most popular Dahua suppliers, resellers, and dealers in Nairobi with affordable cost and huge Dahua product collection. The security platform from Dahua offered the best watching and wide scale of security in various key areas.

Dahua Security solution along with video analytics technology provides the best detection of criminal behavior to reduce the wrongdoings risk across the premises. The access control and Dahua CCTV products could be much helpful for warehouses, Traffic control, home, ATM centers, factories, and as well as offices. Dahua CCTV supplier Nairobi will offer entire support for their partners and customers as a Kenya Dahua distributor. It is possible to closely watch the activities that are happening around video surveillance.

Currently, the Dahua security camera comes along with the latest options and features that can easily deliver high-quality pictures. CCTV technology has improved a lot to increase security and protection in a cost-effective way. It is no doubt that the security system is more essential to use. Their products are Dahua Digital Video Recorder, Dahua Access Control System, Dahua Network Video Recorders, Dahua Analog Cameras, and Dahua IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras. It is the best competitor for Hikvision Kenya with regards to security products.

Dahua Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Digital Video Recorder or DVR can be used along with the Dahua Analog Cameras. It can transform the analog signals into digital signals and also make simple video recordings and management. Dahua DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is one of the best and most popular choices to utilize for your business with analog surveillance systems and possible to make videos of remote management. It comes with numerous groups and also has DVR models at home level, Professional DVR, Premium DVR, and Hybrid DVR. 

Dahua Network Video Recorders (NVR)

Dahua NVR (Network Video Recorders) can be used to record the videos by utilizing the IP cameras. The advantage of Network Video Recorders to view the videos in both recorded forms and real-time. It is much effective to manage the videos and also system control with video management. Dahua shop with NVR feature includes multiple network monitoring, real live view support, IP address automatic acquisition, recording & preview, Intelligent Search, and Real-time playback.

Dahua Analog Cameras

Outdoor and Indoor surveillance is designed much better when compared with Analog cameras. However, for many businesses they are still using Analog cameras as a good choice. With less financial investment, your business can even extend its functionalities and features. Analog Cameras are perfectly designed to apply with various security applications. It includes numerous features such as Support noise reduction, picture adjustment, privacy masking, night vision, and high resolution.

Dahua IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras

Dahua IP (Internet Protocol) cameras are used for multiple options in terms of security applications for indoor & outdoor surveillance. With wider area coverage ability, you can utilize the Dahua IP cameras for your business requirements. Even in different conditions, this product works much better when compared to other products. No difficulty is event recognition and can clearly record the other factors with a quality lens, and high megapixel. 

Dahua IP (Internet Protocol) camera with full features to access the doors to make use of sophisticated and full systems. The features are different megapixel cameras, noise reduction features, event trigger, night vision, dual-stream encoding, and many more. With the best effective way, you can utilize the full supportive features of surveillance with Dahua security systems. You can refer to the Dahua CCTV camera price list from its official website or even from any one of the trustworthy websites.

Dahua Camera – Checking Process

Follow the below instructions to check the originality of your Dahua products:

Access the Configuration tool to identify the appropriate model.

Tap the Tool icon.

Choose the SysInfo and find the Device Model and also the Serial number.

An Alternate Method to Check the Model of your Device and Number by Using the Web Browser:

Access a web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer) on your device.

Navigate to Setup.

Access Version under the Information settings.

Or even you can gather the device information from the rear-side.