There is no doubt that the FinTech industry is still at the ‘pioneer stage’, and as there are really no specific frameworks, the set of skill that one will need to strive in this branch is still an unknown. In this peculiar industry sector, even the most experienced and skilled banking professionals have a lot to learn, and also need to adapt to the killer pace of FinTech. The agility of the startups is often surprising for people, who got used to a rather steady conventional banking.

United Fintech has somehow been able to lure in the experienced bankers, who have now started to join the company’s ranks. It kind of resembles the events we could witness some time ago, as Facebook was introducing its Libra project, which revolves around cryptocurrency. And with more and more disruptions hitting the conventional investment banking, the acceptance of the crypto world amongst established bankers increases.

Fintech industry seems to be offering new opportunities for them, as they already have the foundations to understanding the sector. That is why the competition rises, and Fintech is reinforced with increasingly more competent banking professionals. This is a great step for everyone, as the FinTechs are actually open (at least most of them) to working more tightly with the banks in the future, so the presence of experts experienced in both fields could only benefit both sides.

Plans for the future announced by United Fintech

Mark Lawrence, who worked at Goldman Sachs for 14 years, has been recently appointed by United Fintech to the position of Director and Head of Americas. Although some may feel unimpressed, this is actually a big step (or a milestone if you prefer) for the Christian Frahm’s company. The priority of the company has always been providing help to the banks, asset managers and hedge funds with accelerating the digital transition with the use of capital markets-specialized fintechs.

Lawrence has worked for Goldman Sachs, one of the world’s leading banks, in different senior sales roles, and has been previously based in New York, Hong Kong and London. He was laterally LATAM’s Head of Electronic Fixed IncomeCurrencies and Commodities (EFICC, in short), and he was responsible for e-FX Sales running in both Americas. Even before, he was the head of EFICC APAC Sales. His responsibilities were really wide ranging, and he got to understand the banking world quite accurately.

He will continue to work tightly with the sales team that is based in London, although he will be stationing in New York. His responsibilities will include distributing and scaling all the fintech companies that United Fintech have acquired. He has also been appointed as a Management Committee member in his new workplace, and thus he will also be assessing potential acquisitions of the fintech startups and companies. He’ll also grow a New York-based sales team, and we will find out more later this year, when more appointments will have been announced.

The CEO and founder of United Fintech, Christian Frahm, claims that entering the United States is indeed a big success, as the market there is a cornerstone of the whole industry. The close cooperation between London and New York means that the company will be closer to the wider range of banks and customers. That is why acquisition of Lawrence is so crucial to the development of the whole enterprise, as it could now have a global presence.

This is nothing surprising that Frahm is thrilled to have Lawrence on board, as he has been regarded as one of the best professionals for a long time now. His international profile and deep expertise on the Americas will only be an asset, and he seems to be the perfect person for the current ambitions of his company.

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