There’s no doubt in any parent’s  mind that a favorite toy can mean a lot to a child. When a toy breaks, it can be devastating to a child. Knowing how to fix some of the most common types of toys can help to save parents money and help to save children some heartache.

Toy Vehicles

One of the most common breaks in toy vehicles (specifically cars, trucks, and the like) is a broken wheel or a wheel that comes off. With little cars, like Hotwheels, a broken wheel is an easy fix. To do this, take off the old axel, unbend it if necessary, superglue the axel back in place, and pop on new wheels. If a wheel is missing, it can be easily replaced with a small button around the same size as the original wheel. 

However, the process isn’t as easy for larger car toys. When a wheel breaks or gets lost on a larger car, it cannot be replaced with a button. However, it can be replaced with caster wheels. These can easily be ordered online. Parents can even measure the other wheels on the car to make sure the new wheel is the same size. Once you have the new part, simply pop it onto the axel. The car should then be as good as new!


Dolls can be fragile things, especially when tough kids play with them. The most common doll accidents result in missing heads, limbs, and messy hair. Luckily, these are easy fixes. Some super glue or hot glue is all it takes to put a head back on a doll. Regular shampoo and detangling spray can be used to make the doll’s hair easier to comb out. The hair can also be cut into a new style if the combing doesn’t work out.

Replacing arms and legs can be a little trickier, especially if the limbs need to be able to move. Generally, it’s easier to put in a replacement limb than to try to get the old one back on. If the old arm is completely out, dip the socket end of the new arm in cold water. This will constrict it and make it easier to pop into place. You can then dip the arm into hot water so the arm will expand slightly, making it solidly in place. Unlike using glue, this will allow the arm to move.

Cars and dolls are some of the most common toys for kids of all ages. Being able to repair these will make any parent look like a superhero to their child.