Elevator Technologies

When it comes to old industries, elevators are at the top of that list. They’ve been around for a long time and have reached a market value of $82.29 billion. Unfortunately, not much has changed over the years in the elevator space.

The good news is that is starting to change. New technology has made it possible to improve current elevators and make them even better.

If you plan to update or install elevators soon, you need to know what changes are happening with elevator technology. Below are the elevator technologies trends that are worth paying attention to.

Fewer Elevator Shafts

There’s a long history of only putting one elevator in each elevator shaft. It made sense in the past since it was hard to support more than one elevator car at the top. However, that’s starting to change.

As time goes on, elevator companies are beginning to create multi-car shafts for companies. New technology has made it easier for these elevator cars to work together and avoid disrupting their operations.

Predictive Maintenance

Knowing when to perform maintenance on your elevators is one of the most challenging parts of operating one. If you don’t have many in operation, you can disrupt the traffic flow in the building when you turn your elevators offline. Even then, you may be looking for problems that don’t exist.

New technology and sensors are making predictive maintenance for elevators a reality. These tools will monitor the health of your equipment to let you know when you have work to do. This will lead to more uptime and fewer unforeseen problems.

More Management Tools

The elevator industry hasn’t always taken advantage of the internet to operate. Things stayed the same because things generally worked okay. However, that isn’t the case anymore.

New elevator tools like the one provided by AuditMate provide a central way to manage all your elevators. These tools will let you monitor elevator activity, elevator issues and help you get in touch with support.

Faster Speeds

Even though elevators do a great job at taking out some of the work people need to do when going up the stairs, they haven’t always been the fastest mode of travel. It still takes a good while to use an elevator if you’re in a large building.

Today’s elevators don’t have that issue. New technology has provided elevators a way to move at higher speeds and remain safe.

Better Control Systems

Traditional elevators only dealt with up and down for controls. Today’s elevator systems aren’t quite that simple.

New AI systems can now analyze the floor you want to travel to before you enter the elevator. This information will help elevator systems dispatch the most optimal elevator to riders to reduce travel times.

There Are More Elevator Technologies to Watch

It’s taken a long time for the elevator industry to start taking advantage of new elevator technologies. However, now that it’s easier than ever to use tech, elevator manufacturers are beginning to take advantage of what’s available. Keep an eye on the newest elevator trends out there, so you know what you need to when you buy an elevator.

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