Technology is pivotal when it comes to impacting every aspect of our lives and healthcare is no different. With technology making inroads into the medical industry, it’s true that the healthcare sector is devising alterations to restructure their organizational framework. One of the biggest names in the world of Cardiology, Dr. Devi Shetty revealed how the staff at Narayana Health is leveraging Microsoft Kaizala to bridge the communication gap between caregivers and their patients. Founded in the year 2002, Narayana Health is now a network of 25 hospitals and 7 heart care centers that focus on treating patients without putting a price tag on the disease. The whole idea was to make healthcare accessible to everyone.

“We put a price tag on human life”, says Dr. Devi Shetty when asked about the inflated cost of healthcare that is resulting in the restriction of treatment only to a part of the population. Due to the lack of financial aid, a lot of the patients can’t undergo the operation because they can’t afford it. The need to make treatment affordable and streamline the communication among doctors, patients, and their families, Narayana Health group integrated Microsoft Kaizala into their communication platform and are now available for real-time health monitoring.

Having a glorifying history of transforming the world with their top-notch products and service, Microsoft, once again, is revolutionizing the way technology is reshaping and empowering healthcare industry, especially Narayana Health. Employing Microsoft Kaizala, communication and productivity app, the doctors and staff at Narayana Health are seamlessly communicating with each other and also with the patient’s family. Used to monitor the daily reports and progress of their ICU patients, the doctors at this chain of hospitals are using Kaizala to handy and effective communication.

In a report, ToI stated that 70% of deaths that occur as a result of medical negligence can be attributed to lack of communication. Medical treatment sans proper communication can be lethal and devastating. In order to bridge the gap here, it’s important to squeeze in technology with healthcare and incorporate the scope it has to help the healthcare sector go a step up the ladder. With Kaizala, Narayan Health is doing just that – empowering patients with instant communication and medical support to fight even the most fatal disease.

Doctors and staff of Narayana Health are actively resorting to Kaizala to share regular updates of patients undergoing critical treatment. According to Dr. Shetty, Kaizala is helping in the successful portability of EMR and it couldn’t have been possible without technology. Thanks to Kaizala, the doctors at Narayana Health can keep a tab on their patient’s progress even if they are miles away. The team uses the app for cohesive communication of the ICU team, updating the patient data with the treating doctors and making way for real-time consultation.

The unique features that Kaizala is loaded with make it nothing less than a boon for the doctors and staff. In order to save time, the staff can use the Speech-to-Text option to send messages across groups. Narayana Health has also implemented the use of real-time data insights using predictive analysis and leverage Kaizala Actions for better management and operations among all 7 hospitals. To break the language barrier, Kaizala is available in 18 languages, making communication feasible for everyone.

To reduce the burden of follow-up fee, Dr. Shetty has implemented the process of uploading medical records of the patients on Kaizala to avoid unnecessary rounds to the hospital and make the treatment affordable. For example, in the case of a diabetic patient, he/she can upload the picture of their sugar test result and the treating doctor can revert back on the app with updates and comments. The entire medical history of the patient can be accessed by the treating doctor at any point in time, from anywhere in the world. Like this, the hospital is enabling doctors to provide better treatment to patients from every part of the world.

Kaizala is also equipped with beneficial features like polls, surveys, and other feedback options that can be leveraged to keep a track of activities happening in the healthcare center and improve efficiency. Doctors can connect with fellow doctors across the globe on various open groups and indulge in knowledge barter. Caregivers can also communicate with the patient or their family on Kaizala and keep them updated about the progress of the treatment without any fear of data breaching. Kaizala is secured with Microsoft Azure standard security and is also HIPPA compliant to ensure 100% data security for the organization as well as the patients.