Google’s advertisement for its Home device was one of the most talked about event of last night. Google’s viewers having their own Google home were left totally irritated and annoyed by the advertisement, because there was a hitch and the advert had made Google home go ‘Haywire’. Users were annoyed by the ad, as their home system thought that the TV was trying to communicate with them.

Super Bowl Commercial brings in the ‘problem’

Google home stays dormant until someone says ‘Ok Google’ or ‘Hey Google’, but last night, during the Super bowl commercial, the home systems heard instead TV broadcast say those things or the phrases for Google home to snap up from the dormant phase, this caused them to turn on their TVs. Google which planned to use the commercial of Super Bowl for Google home connectivity service but this commercial end up in confusion for those who already have it.

Users took to twitter to complain

Users who faced this problem last night took to twitter and spread words of complain about the interference. Several of them complained them that their Google home has gone whacko. Some noticed that their home systems saying the TV broadcasts befuddling and calling its name. A twitter user with the handle Cheezus Price complained that the Google commercial had his Google home going haywire. Another user with twitter handle Scott forster tweeted, “Our Google home just went a little bonkers with the Google Home Commercial”

How does it work?

This home system relies on Artificial intelligence and it was released in last year in December at a cost of around 130 US Dollars. This device has been designed to answer any asked question or perform the assigned functions. The function can be anything from playing music to turning or turning off the lights. The home device continues listening for commands by the owner. No command gets passed by until the speakers hear two main keywords- OK Google, and Hey Google. The microphone can be turned off temporarily as well. After you pass on the demand, a light flickers to you to remind you that it’s listening.

Devices like Google Home are taking on more importance these days because of the advent of improved artificial intelligence and voice technology. This device was unveiled last year, when Google boss Sundar Pichai praised the device and said, ‘We think of the assistant as an ambient experience that goes across devices-this is more than just phones, it will be on devices they wear, in their car and in their living rooms’

It was launched as an answer to Amazon’s Eco system where the users get to respond by questioning or ordering with the name Alexa. This system also stays in dormant state until the user call out the assigned phase, only then they perform the specified function. Services like these give the companies a better opportunity to sell advert and other services.