Have you ever checked whether your name is already taken as a domain name? Experts, advice that it is important to own your personal domain name, even though you are not thinking of designing a website now. A domain name is just like investing in real estate in that once it is owned by someone they are free to do what they wish with it which will make it hard for you to own your personal domain name as Google doesn’t allow a domain name to be owned by two individual.

As a business owner, your name reputation is in your name, your credibility as a professional and your own brand in the Web sphere are all carried by your name.if you don’t own your name, there are other people who will own it or are thinking of owning it. Before it’s taken, do yourself a favor and own your personal domain name on the internet. It is also a perfect gift notion for family and friends.

Read below to know the reasons to own your personal domain name. You may also be interested to read about domain name database.

1. Ownership
Once you purchase it, it’s yours so you own it thus no one can use it. This gives you the opportunity to decide on how your name will appear on the internet.

2. Makes people remember your brand
Once you own a personal domain name, your website URL becomes memorable. Think of when you give a customer your email address that features something like xyz@yourname.com as the address, doesn’t this sound quite remarkable? If you decide to start your own business you can use your name as the email address for people to get in touch with you. This makes it easy for people to reach you because they will just enter your .com name.

3. Competitive gain
By owning your personal domain name, your online presence is enhanced. You also appear professional and you can stand out from the crowd since customers can easily find you when they search your name.For job seekers, once you publish your resume online employers can easily find you.

4. Enhances credibility
People think that having your own domain name your only look professional but it has more other advantages and one of them is that it makes you look credible. What you post on your site will always relate to you and therefore customers are likely to believe in your business.

5. You get a fair price and a full control
Are you still held back because you are afraid of paying for your own domain name? Get it today!it is important and beneficial to have your own personal domain. Many people have been thinking that starting a blog on an unpaid hosting site like WordPress and others is the best deal you are in for a shock. Although these free hosting sites offer some customizability, you must remember that your control is minimal than when you personally own the domain name.

6. Search engine rankings
Every person either you own a business website or a personal website is aiming at appearing at the top pages of search engines. However, when you start your blog on a free hosting site, search engine ranking will remain a dream that might never come true. The only way you can get listed on search engines is when you register your domain name. This will also help you to be seen easily when someone searches your business online.

7. Be in control of your online reputation
The internet is a world of connection. It has connected people and linked them with other people worldwide. By having your personal domain name, you have control over your online reputation. This means you control what you post online.

How to own a domain name?
If you are stranded on how to own your domain it’s a very simple process. What you do is to visit any domain registering site and type in your name and hit search. Once you find that it is available, you can take the next step of purchasing and if you are not knowledgeable on how to do it, you can seek help from a professional web designer and developer to take you through the whole process of owning your name.