Premium raw materials, advanced techniques, strict quality control

Automobiles are known as “walking machines”, and the development of the automobile industry plays an important role in promoting manufacturing and social and economic development. The popularity of automobiles in people’s daily lives has greatly facilitated people’s lives, but we also know that cars are sophisticated machines, and auto rubber parts and suspension parts play a very important role in the integrity of the car.

Every part of the car can not be ignored. If there is a problem with a certain component, it will affect the safety of driving. Cars usually have regular maintenance, and some small parts that are usually not very eye-catching are often ignored by car owners. A car is assembled by thousands of parts, but as an ordinary driver, in addition to knowing the daily replacement of oil, machine filter, air filter and other wearing parts, the wearing of other parts of the vehicle is not very clear. In fact, in our daily car use, for each kilometer of driving, the vehicle will increase its abrasion, but the difference is that the actual life span will vary depending on the frictional strength of each component. Usually, a car that travels to 50,000 kilometers requires a comprehensive inspection and replacement of the entire car.

During driving, a lot of jitter occurs due to the mechanical vibration of the engine, the transmission itself, and the unevenness of the road surface. In order to suppress these vibrations and isolate them from the body and the cockpit, many rubber metal parts are mounted on the car. About 5% of the nearly 10,000 parts of a car are rubber components in various combinations, such as rubber suspension components that connect the body to the engine and transmission, and shock absorbers. The upper seat (commonly known as strut mount), the suspension connecting rod rubber bushing (commonly known as rubber bushing). Then, there’s one problem— what are the top features of the best auto rubber parts and suspension parts? This definitive list ranks 3 useful features that cars needs to own.

1. Premium raw materials

High-quality automotive rubber parts will first use excellent raw materials. Therefore, the use of natural rubber for automotive rubber parts is a good choice. Natural rubber has high elasticity, slightly plasticity, very good mechanical strength, low hysteresis loss, low heat generation during multiple deformations, so its flex resistance is also very good. Southeast Asia’s climate and local special soils make rubber quality. Rubber trees like high temperature, high humidity, static wind and fertile soil. They are hot and rainy all year round, which is very suitable for rubber tree growth. The terrain in Southeast Asia is mostly mountainous, and the Himalayan volcanic seismic belt, volcanic activity is frequent, which provides fertile soil for rubber tree growth.

For example, as a leading auto rubber parts and suspension parts manufacturer, AA-TOP adopts natural rubber derived from Thailand and Malaysia. Rubber content 60%, hardness (Shore): 60-70 degrees. They also use high-strength cold-rolled steel plates with 40Cr materials with mechanical properties of 10.9. The electrophoresis supplier is a first-class supplier of the main engine. The electrophoresis neutral salt spray test is more than 800 hours, and the comprehensive film level is 2.

AA-TOP enterprise is specialized in producing Engine Mount, Strut Mount, Control Arm, Tie Rod, Bushing, Timing Belt, V-Ribbed Belt and Cogged V-Belt for many famous brands like Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, BMW, Nissan, Infiniti and many other brands. Products has passed ISO/TS16949 quality management system,and exported to more than 100 countries, inclucing Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia,etc. Long term cooperation with big buyers and famous brands had been established in Germany, USA, Turkey and other countries.

2. Advanced techniques

Marvelous design and sophisticated structure rely on advanced techniques for their display and production. Without excellent techniques, rubber parts and suspension parts life span will be influenced. That’s basically the same as making bricks without straw. As the science and technology are developing together with the improvement of consumers’ judgment, people are no longer satisfied with simple pattern design and prefer tough parts that bring great user experience.

Firstly, the bearing structure matters. The bearing adopts deep groove ball bearing structure, which can bear radial load and axial load at the same time, and has axial load capacity with large radial clearance.When the radial clearance of the bearing increases, it has the property of angular contact ball bearing, can bear the axial load alternating in two directions; the friction is small, the rotation speed is high; the structure is simple, the manufacturing cost is low, and the higher manufacturing precision can be achieved.

What’s more, professional manufacturers adopt high-punching, low-noise, precision stamping equipment, and the press is molded by a press to ensure uniformity of wall thickness and strength. Welding with imported Japanese OTC welding robots;Welding penetration >0.4mm, welding pull-off force >20KN will be great.

3. Strict quality control

The product plays a vital role in the maintenance of the car, and the repair quality is 70% depending on the quality of the parts. The quality of automotive parts is closely related to the quality of the entire car. The quality of parts is guaranteed by many technologies and processes. Component quality management is an important part of the automobile production process.

The world’s most advanced injection process can greatly increase the density of the rubber compound. Apart from this, AA-TOP uses a spectrum analyzer from Germany to perform pre-furnace analysis of the aluminum liquid to ensure that the chemical composition of the parts is qualified. They use an X-Ray flaw detector to monitor the internal quality of the part and ensure the mechanical properties of the part.

What kind of rubber parts manufacturer can delight your customers? You can play it safe by relying on what is using great raw materials, advanced techniques, and strict quality control. AA-TOP can indeed offer us all of this.