In this modern world of technology and development, the Smartphone has become a necessity for everyone. From calling your friends to booking online movie tickets, one can do anything with the help of a Smartphone. A mobile phone usually works over a cellular network and works like a mini computer. These gadgets serve a great purpose when you use them for the right tasks. You can use a mobile for personal use or for app development process. With the emergence of Smartphone, the world has become so much different than it was ten years ago. The smartphone can perform nearly all the functions that you require for daily needs.

These mobile phones can serve several functions such as portable media players, GPS navigational device, audio recorders, and video recorders. You can run two or more applications on the same device which provides a great flexibility to the user. With the camera function, one can capture images when they are at particular occasions and collect moments while traveling. Needless to say, these advanced gadgets have eliminated the need of costly DSLR cameras. Most of the businessman can’t spend a single day without Smartphone because they use it for all the business related tasks.

Why Smartphone?

Smartphone has become a part of living of human life. In addition to performing daily life tasks, you can have access to various web pages and collect the desired information. One can easily get connected to the Internet via 3G, 4G, or a Wi-Fi network through these mobile devices. You can perform various functions by connecting through the Internet such as:

1) Edit, view and share the documents within a few seconds
2) Download audio and video files from the Internet
3) You can easily record videos and capture images wherever you move
4) Watch movies for entertainment
5) One can also play different games based on their interest
6) With great advancements, you can also communicate with your friends and family members through video chat
7) One can use GPS to move to different locations without any hassle
8) Play radio for entertainment which also keeps you updated with the latest news

A Smartphone acts less like an electronic gadget and behaves more like a personal digital assistant. Because of a great portable design, you can carry it anywhere you go whether it’s your home or any working area. Before some years, there were mobile phones with keypad which are now replaced with full touchscreen Smartphone.

In addition to entertainment and calling features, you can also have access to inbuilt applications which further eliminated the need for carrying additional gadgets. With additional clock and calendar features, one does not need to carry a digital watch with them. One can use maps to search nearby restaurants, petrol pumps, resorts, banks, or hotels according to their convenience. In this fast-moving world, people give less importance to televisions because a Smartphone assists them in every possible way. You can check weather details for upcoming days by sitting at home only.

Needless to say, these electronic gadgets have become a necessity in today’s world keeping which in mind various companies have designed different mobile phones to meet the need of people. You will observe things that you can’t just imagine because they are too good to be true. For more details about these electronic gadgets, you can browse and avail the required information. Without these mobile phones, one can’t imagine their social life because these applications need a platform to run. You can access these social media applications on your personal computers but you can’t carry it to different locations.

Millions of applications keep the users entertained and makes them socially connected with friends all over the world. From making travel arrangements to finance management, you can perform many things with a single click. Things can’t get this much easier as these gadgets have made for the new generation. These gadgets have become modern life survival tool because of these unique and awesome features. By looking at the user’s need, companies have designed great gadgets to fulfill their requirements. Here are some of the best Smartphone that you can buy for personal use and entertainment.

#1. Apple Smartphone:

Apple has recently launched a new model which has emerged as one of the best Apple models till date. The main vision behind creating iPhone X is to provide the best experience to the users with a full touchscreen device. There is no home button on this model which was present in earlier versions of Apple. Now the design looks more attractive and the demand for this model is increasing day by day. This device is so much unique and intelligent that it can respond to your simple gestures. It can simply answer to a single tap, voice, and even a little glance.

The uniqueness of iPhone X:

With the emergence of Apple iPhone X, the vision of creating the face recognition feature has become a reality. The display of this model has rounded corners which add more to the uniqueness of this device. Moreover, the corners are covered within a standard rectangle just like the previous versions. The screen is 5.85 inches big when measured diagonally whereas the actual viewable area is less. This model is available in two beautiful space grey and silver colors. Here are the specifications of this model and you can avail this model from various online portals an official Apple stores.

• Capacity:
The iPhone X comes in two models i.e. iPhone X 64GB and iPhone X 256GB both of which have a different price range. The price of the 64GB model is US$999 whereas the price for 256GB is US$1149. Thus, you can avail the best fit version according to the requirement from official Apple stores.

• Size and weight:
This is the lightest iPhone that Apple has ever launched which weigh just 174gms. Due to this exclusivity, it is quite easy to carry. The height is 143 mm and width is 71 mm with a depth of 7.7 providing a slim and sleek design to this model. It has been designed to meet all the basic requirement of the user so that they can carry it with much ease.

• Display:
With outstanding super retina HD display, it stands out of the competition! It provides an OLED multi-touch display with an HDR display. The resolution that this gadget offers is 2436*1125-pixel at 458 PPI. It also has a true tone display with 3D touch. It offers a contrast ratio of 1000000:1 which is quite high and the maximum brightness is also good. The display has been designed to provide a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating which provides a great experience to the users. It also supports for display of characters and multiple languages simultaneously.

• Water, splash, and dust resistant:
Security is the primary concern for all the users whether they are using a small phone or an expensive one. As this Smartphone is quite expensive, there is a great requirement for the security of this device. Keeping this in mind, the Apple team has designed a new feature for this Apple device. Now, they made its splash, dust, and water resistant which enables you to carry it anywhere you want without any risk. You don’t have to worry about little things when Apple does all the work!

• A11 bionic chip:
They have designed a special A11 bionic chip for the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, and iPhone X users. The two high-performance cores make it 25% faster than the previous models. There are also 4 energy-efficient cores in this bionic chip which are known as Mistral. With embedded M11 motion coprocessor, it becomes even faster. The graphics performance has also become 30% faster due to the presence of three-core GPU. This bionic chip also includes the latest image processor which is compatible with the computational photography features such as wide color capture, lightning estimation, and advanced pixel processing.

• Camera:
The iPhone is known for its best camera quality and this model is offering the best camera feature to the iPhone users. Here are some of the unique features of this unique camera:
1) 12 MP telephoto and wide-angle camera with 2.4 and 1.8 aperture
2) It supports optical zoom and digital zoom up to 10x
3) Portrait mode and portrait lightning mode is also available in iPhone X
4) This electronic gadget supports dual optical image stabilization which is a great improvement in the camera
5) Panorama up to 63 MP is just outstanding
6) You will also observe sapphire crystal lens cover in this unique model
7) Backside illumination sensor is also available
8) Hybrid IR filter is an advancement in this latest model
9) You can tap to focus with the help of focus pixels which also supports autofocus
10) Live photos with perfect stabilization is a unique feature of Apple devices and you can also set this live pictures as wallpapers or in background lock simultaneously
11) Wide color capture is available for live pictures and as well as the simple photos
12) Body and face detection is also available in this advanced camera function
13) Exposure control and noise reduction add more to these functions
14) Auto HDR for the photos enables you to capture high-quality images
15) You can capture hundreds of photos using burst mode
16) One can also set timer for the selfie photos
17) HEIF and JPEG are the image formats that are captured using this device

• Unique video recording features:
You can avail the best video recording experience with the latest iPhone X with 4K video recording at 24 fps, 30 fps, or 60 fps. Here are some of the unique features of video recording using iPhone:

1) 1080p HD video recording at 60 fps or 30 fps is available
2) You can also record 720p HD video at 30 fps which require much lesser space than the 1080p HD video
3) Optical image stabilization for the video is also available
4) You can also set optical zoom up to 6x for the video
5) It also has quad-LED true tone flash which is a unique feature for the video recording camera
6) There is an additional feature of a slow-motion video camera which enables you to capture the hundredth moment of a second. Slow motion video support for 1080p at 240 fps and 120 fps is also available
7) Time lapse video with stabilization is available
8) Cinematic video stabilization at 720p and 1080p is also available
9) You can make a continuous autofocus video with the help of iPhone X
10) Face and body detection are also available in video recording camera
11) Noise reduction and playback zoom are also accessible in the latest Apple models
12) Video geotagging is also available
13) HEVC and H.264 are the video formats recorded by the Apple devices

• The new TrueDepth camera:
This is the latest update in the new iPhone models which provides additional features for the Apple camera functions. It is the latest technology that made possible the recognition of Face ID for password protect. This feature is a great advancement in the latest world of technology. Here are some of the unique features of the TrueDepth camera:
1) The 7-megapixel camera is available with great clarity
2) Portrait mode and lightening mode are also available in this camera just like the primary camera
3) Animoji is the latest feature in the new update which is supported by the TrueDepth camera
4) This camera also supports retina flash
5) Auto HDR, burst mode, exposure control, timer mode, and wide color capture for photos is also accessible with iPhone X

• Location services:
Assisted GPS is available for location services with the help of which you can travel to desired places. You can also have access to the digital compass with this latest update. The iBeacon micro-location is also available. It is a Bluetooth based concept which allows receiving of data within short distant locations.

• Video and Audio calling features:
Apple is known for best video and audio calling quality through FaceTime. Voice calling over LTE connection is supported in all the versions of Apple iPhones which has further become much better in the latest iPhone X and iPhone 8.

• Audio and video playback options:
The Apple iPhone X supports a large number of Audio and Video formats that allows the users to play music and video on their Smartphone itself. HE-AAC, AAC-LC, HE-AAC v2, MP3, protected AAC, linear PCM, Dolby Digital Plus, and FLAC are the supported audio formats in iPhone X which work to user-configurable maximum volume limit.

In addition to this, it supports HVAC, MPEG-4, H.264, and Motion JPEG for video format with high dynamic range. AirPlay mirroring is also available in the latest iPhone model. In addition to these great features, video out support and video mirroring up to 1080p through lightning to VGA adapter and lightning digital AV adapter is also supported.

• Siri- voice recognition for iPhone X:
Siri is a great voice recognition feature which is a faster and easier way to get the things done without typing anything on your mobile screen. This act as a personal assistant and you can search almost anything with the help of this special Apple mobile’s feature. You can activate Siri feature in the ‘setting’ option of your iOS device. You can use this function on your iPad, iPhone, Mac, or Apple watch and get things done without making much effort. This feature is always available whenever you need it but requires a Wi-Fi or cellular network for the start-up. Without the Internet, you can’t use this feature. You just need to say “Hey Siri” before making a request and get things done quite easily.

Here are some of the unique features of Siri in latest iPhone X with iOs11:

• You can now send messages using Siri, e.g. “text Nitish’ let’s go to a party smiley face question mark”’.
• One can also make a call to any recipient in their contact list using Siri feature
• It enables you to set the reminders by following a simple procedure, e.g. “remind me to submit the assignment tomorrow”
• You can also call Siri to take a picture of your and it will automatically the Camera for you.
• One can also ask for the weather details from Siri, e.g. “do I need to take an umbrella today” and it will show all the weather details for the same. Outstanding! Isn’t it?
• You can also ask the Siri to set the time for a particular time
• It enables the user to open the ‘health app’ by using the ‘open’ command
• Setting an alarm has become quite easier with the help of Siri
• The most interesting thing about Siri is that you can even talk to Siri and it will revert back with crazy answers.
• You can also ask basic questions to Siri and it will Google them for you ASAP
• Users can also search for nearby restaurants, filling stations, and hotels by calling Siri
• You can also add punctuation to the messages and emails

Thus, Siri can assist in almost anything and provide a great mobile-user interface and makes the process much easier.

The latest iOS 11 updates and features:

• The customisable control center in iPhone X offers an easy access to your favorite controls. Moreover, you can now use 3D touch for more options by tapping on a particular widget.
• The new files app allows the users to access all their documents including the ones stored on the iCloud drive or on other storage providers.
• Do not disturb feature halts all the notifications while driving which further helps you to stay focuses on the road. This also sends a customisable response to the people trying to contact you and notify you after you turn off the feature.
• You can now do more with the live photos feature and choose from loop, bounce, live, and many other features.
• There has been seen an advancement in the Apple music which can now learn your taste in music and plays music accordingly.

• The new App Store has been updated and you can now see stories, carefully crafted list, expert recommendations, and new ways to find out your next favorite app based on your particular interest.
• With a great advancement in the keyboard, you can now shift the keyboard to your right or left based on your requirement and type with a single hand.
• You can now capture FaceTime live photos by clicking on the shutter button while you are on a video call with your family member or friends.
• Users can now easily scan particular QR codes with the help of Camera in photo or square mode

Everyday essentials:
• You can now save the screenshots in a separate folder by tapping the home button and lock screen button at the same time. The new iOS enables you to edit the screenshot just after you click it and you do not need to go back in the photos to search the image.
• You can now talk and submit the query instead of writing the whole request.
• There is a magnifier in the settings with the help of which you can zoom in the content containing small details.

Mastering messages:
• Users can now save the photos from the messages by just tapping and holding on the photos they want to save.
• Sending a message with the help of Siri has become quite easier.
• You can send faces, hearts, and media files through iMessage.
• One can also send an invisible message by tapping on the invisible link and recipient needs to rub the bubble to see the content!

With these great features, this model holds a unique position in the world of Apple mobile phones. For more information on iPhone X, you can browse and avail all the relevant information from there. Now, here is another unique and exceptional Smartphone offered by Samsung which you can buy to meet all the daily requirements.

#2. Samsung Smartphone:

Samsung is providing great Smartphone at reasonable prices to the users. The market for Samsung mobile Smartphone is very diverse and rich because of which more and more people prefer to buy these mobile phones. There are all the types of mobile phones that this Company is offering to the users to power up their life by providing them unique and best design to meet up their needs. Whenever people hear the word Smartphone, usually Samsung strikes their mind. Needless to say, the Samsung brands all these features which can make you believe that it is really a Smartphone!

• Samsung Galaxy S8:

This Company is a key manufacturer of the Smartphone and it has been engaged in this process for years. By using the unique technology and design, they always try to give best to their customers. Keeping this in mind, they have designed a new model i.e. Samsung Galaxy S8 to offer a unique experience to the users. The popularity of this gadget is increasing of its latest technology and matchless features.

You can explore a completely new world with Samsung Galaxy S8 which is available at the US $890. With a unique display, it offers a smooth touch screen experience to the users. You can avail a simple and user-friendly interface by buying this unique Smartphone and enjoy the world of entertainment. Here are some of the specifications of this latest model.

• Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S8:

1) Samsung Galaxy S8 works on Android 7.0 Nougat which is the latest version of the Android operating system.
2) The 5.8 inch AMOLED screen with 2960*1440 PPI resolutions offers a great experience to Samsung users.
3) This latest Smartphone comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or Samsung Exynos 8895 processor which is quite faster than the previous updates.
4) The storage for this mobile gadget is 64GB which is expandable up to 256GB with the help of microSD card.
5) RAM provided by this device is 4GB which add more to the performance of this electronic gadget.
6) The rear camera for the Samsung Galaxy S8 is 12MP and 8MP for the front-facing camera.
7) Autofocus feature is available for both the cameras.
8) Wi-Fi 802.11ac MIMO, GPS, Bluetooth 5.0 NFC, Glonass, BeiDou LTE Cat.16, and Galileo are available for the connectivity to different sources.
9) USB-C fast charging and Qi wireless powermat wireless charging is available in this Smartphone.
10) It comes with a 3000mAh battery which offers an outstanding power backup which lasts long even when you are using your mobile on the cellular network.
11) In addition to these unique features, this model is also water resistant.
12) The weight of this model is 155gms which makes it quite handy and you can use it easily. The dimensions for this unique model are 148.9*68.1*8mm.

Samsung is providing unique and outstanding models to the users from a couple of years and it didn’t lag behind this time also. Though previous versions were matchless, here are some of the unique features that you are going to love!

What’s in the box?

Here’s a list of accessories that you can avail after buying the new Galaxy S8:

• Handset
• USB Type-C cable
• Earphone tuned by AKG
• Travel adapter
• Micro USB connector
• USB connector
• Ear tips
• Ejection pin
• Quick start guide and smart switch leaflet

Samsung Galaxy S8 features:

1) Introducing the stunning infinity display:

The revolutionary design of this new model is just beyond words! This display has an excellent end-to-end display that spills over all sides of the phone. This forms a completely smooth, continuous surface with no angles and bumps which is just incredible. This screen takes the whole front side of the phone which is seamless and unique. One can immerse themselves in a relatively bigger screen which is still easy to handle. They somehow managed to hide the home screen button which immediately pops out whenever you need it.

Because of this, the users can now avail a bigger view and this has become possible without changing the normal size of the phone. With a larger view on your mobile, the Smartphone looks comparatively small which add more to the uniqueness of this smart gadget. Users can easily hold and use this gadget. After availing the Samsung Galaxy 8, you can yourself feel the perfect grip of this mobile phone which allows the users to watch the videos on a bigger screen. With the beautiful edged screen, the important shortcuts are just a swipe way which you can access in seconds.

• More screen means more to see:
Whether you are playing games or watching movies, you can have the best entertainment with the new Samsung Galaxy S8. The display ratio for this handset is 18:5:9 and you are getting the whole screen on your phone itself. The screen is 5.8” diagonally which is perfect and easy to hold. The default resolution for this device is full HD+ which can be further changed to quad HD+ in settings.

• Now, you can scroll less and do more!
Yes! It’s true. You can send text by availing a larger view on your mobile screen even when you are watching a video. The bigger screen enables the users to multitask effectively on the same screen without closing the application. One can also resize the windows according to their performance and focus on what’s important. Once you access a particular notification, you can read the whole message so that you scroll less and see the only relevant information. In addition to this, you can also save the images and video from the messages.

2) Camera:
The cameras of most of the Smartphone works best during the daytime but the camera of Samsung Galaxy S8 works well at night too. Keeping the requirement of all the users in mind, the Samsung Company has recently launched this device to meet the requirement of the people. Both the front and rear cameras are so cool that you can click clear and brighter photos anytime you need. Even when there is less light, you can click fine photographs.

• Front camera for selfies:
With smart autofocus feature, you can click selfies that everyone is going to love. Whether you use a selfie stick or your arm to click a photograph, everyone in the frame will be in the focus. The multi-frame image processing feature keeps all the selfies crisp and clear. The front camera is 8MP which is cool enough to click crystal-clear selfies. With the lens of focal length 1.7, it becomes quite easy to adjust the autofocus and avoid taking blurred pictures.

• Additional features of the rear camera in Galaxy S8:
1) The rear camera comes in 12MP with the lens of focal length 1.7. You can record 4k videos with the help of Samsung Galaxy S8. The large 1.4-nanometre pixels are capable of bringing around more light when it is not available enough to you.
2) Sometimes, people are unable to click what they see because of the bad camera feature. But, with the new Samsung Smartphone, you can click the exact moment as you are seeing virtually.
3) With the help of Samsung Galaxy S8, you can click the pictures of the fast moving object. It focuses as swiftly as the human eye does.
4) The rear camera sits virtually flush with the back for a smooth profile.
5) You can also turn on the pro mode to adjust different settings such as shutter speed, ISO, exposure value, manual focus, color tone, and WB for better picture quality.
6) With the selective focus mode, you can focus on what matters. One can focus the camera on the foreground, background, or both at the same time.
7) You can also adjust filters to turn a photograph into a work of art. One can also adjust these filters before clicking a picture.
8) The interesting thing about the rear camera is that you can even select the food mode for clicking truly mouth-watering shots!
9) You can also slide the shutter for zoom in and zoom out.
10) Users can swipe left for various shooting modes with great ease.
11) Easily swipe right for stickers, filters, and swamps.

• Iris scanner for security:
When it comes to technology, Samsung is always one step ahead. With unique Iris scanner, you can secure your Smartphone without typing a password. You can set both the Iris scanner and password at the same time, in case you don’t want to use one of them. With this great feature, you can prevent the unwanted snooping and protect your data. This technology allows the users to easily access the data without making any additional effort.

The pattern of Iris is unique for everyone and it’s just impossible to replicate a particular pattern. This makes it even harder to break through the security of your Smartphone. Thus, this is unique, best, and the safest way to keep your phone secure and the files private. In addition to this, you can secure your mobile phone with face recognition, fingerprint, pattern, pin, or password making it easier and convenient for the user to choose accordingly.

When we talk about the performance of this unique gadget, it’s matchless! The charging, downloading, and switching from app to app are all accomplished at fast speeds. In addition to this, this Smartphone is resistant to dust and can stay in water up to 30 minutes in 1.5m depth making it easier for you to carry it even in the rains. This device comes with a 10% more powerful CPU and 50% more capable GPU. Because of the better performing processor, the battery life is also good.

Bixby: faster voice recognition:
Bixby offers a smarter way to use your phone by making it more helpful. It helps in completing the particular tasks and also tells you what you are looking at. With unique intelligence, it learns your routine and remembers your taste. You just need to press the Bixby button to get started. Bixby can work with your camera, Internet, and gallery to provide a unique understanding. You can translate a particular language by just scanning it with the camera which has made thing way easier. You can also set the reminders using this unique feature. One can also use it as a personal guide because it can recognize landmarks and tell more about them. To use this unique feature, you need to turn on the GPS and the service availability may vary by country.

Thus, you can avail this handset from nearby Samsung stores and avail more information from As the technology is building its roots in all the parts of the world, there is another Smartphone that you can buy to meet all the basic requirements. Here is the brand new Sony Xperia XZ1 which is unique and beautiful and you are going to love its outstanding features.

#3. Sony Smartphone:

With the Sony Smartphone, everyone can enjoy the joy of having a unique mobile experience. Sony is known for providing world-class Smartphone with unique features to the users all over the world. From camera to sound quality, the features of this Smartphone are unbeatable. This Company is also known for providing the best gaming quality to the users. Thus, you can avail a great gaming experience with Sony Smartphone.

Sony Xperia XZ1:

This Smartphone was launched in August 2017 and you can avail this special gadget at the just US $720 from official Sony stores or different online portals. This phone comes with a 13.2cm full HDR display with great picture clarity. This gadget is powered by a matchless Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor which is quite faster than the previous versions. Users can avail a great experience of the digital world through this unique Smartphone. Sony Xperia XZ1 is single SIM compatible that accepts Nano-SIM only. You can connect this headset with GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Headphones, 3G, and 4G networks.

Specifications of Sony Xperia XZ1:
With the rapid change in technological development, Sony has shifted the Smartphone experience for the users to a whole new level. Here are the specifications of Sony Xperia XZ1:

1) The screen size for the Sony Xperia XZ1 is 13.2cm inch which is quite handy.
2) The resolution of the screen is 1080*1920 pixels.
3) Internal storage for this model is 32 GB and is expandable up to 256 GB with a microSD card.
4) The RAM for this mobile phone is 4GB and it comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.
5) The rear camera is 19 MP and the front one is 13 MP.
6) It works on latest Android Oreo 8.0.
7) The battery capacity is 2700 mAh which can last longer even on 3G and 4G networks.
8) Multi-touch is also available, i.e. up to 10 fingers.
9) The weight of Sony Xperia XZ1 is 155 g which make it comfortable for the users to handle.
10) It comes with a Li-ion battery which is non-removable.
11) Colours available are warm silver, black, moonlit blue, and Venus pink.
12) Proximity sensor, accelerometer, and ambient light sensor are also available in Sony Xperia XA1 Plus.
13) IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors.
14) Geo-tagging, smile detection, HDR, panorama, and touch focus is also available.

Camera with super slow motion:
The 19MP slow motion camera is designed to offer the best photography experience to the users. With the help of this unique camera, you can capture the true beauty of nature. The super slow and predictive capture enables you to see the moments you haven’t seen before. The new motion eye camera in Sony Xperia XZ1 is beyond words. It is capable of revealing the moments that you can just imagine.

With groundbreaking motion technology, it is hard to compare the uniqueness of this gadget with other mobile phone’s camera. The motion eye camera with memory stacked picture sensor pushes motion capture to a whole new level. This helps in producing exceptional image quality.

1) You can click better images with less noise
2) The redesigned G lens captures the textures and detail very precisely.
3) It gives more accurate motion detection through faster image processing.
4) It has become quite easier to reveal special and random clicks with the super slow motion feature.
5) Users can now click the exceptionally clear and vivid photographs at night by adjusting the exposure control.
6) With 5-axis image stabilization, one can record smooth and steady videos.
7) The camera also supports 4k video recording.
8) Autofocus burst is also available in Sony Xperia XZ1.
9) Manual modes like exposure control, WB, shutter speed, and manual focus lets you click photograph according to your taste.
10) 22mm wide angle lens for selfie camera is just incomparable.

Full-HD HDR Display:
The high dynamic range display shows the videos so realistically that you will feel like you are a part of them. The unique display offers a world full of contrast, clarity, and exceptional colors. They have used the Sony’s Bravia TV technology to provide a unique experience of clear and lifelike movies. You can also watch Amazon prime videos in HDR with intensely breathtaking clarity and vivid colors. The display of this mobile phone produces 138% of the color spectrum that this display shows. With subtle shade, it brings a more natural look to life. The razor-sharp images for the mobile add the missing pixels, enhance texture, and reduce the noise to make everything crisp and clear.

• With great noise reduction, you are able to see clearer and smoother low-light videos and images
• Due to the enhancing elements, the images become clearer and helps in rendering the texture and sharpening the outlines
• The unique resolution check each and every pixel and reproduces the missing ones

New 3D creator:
You can make 3D memories with the new 3D creator and share them with friends on various Social Media. This model has introduced a quick and easy 3D creation to capture the world in 3D. This technology is capable of turning the object and people into 3D avatars with high resolution.

• There is no need for the Wi-Fi connection or a scanner allowing you to scan the objects in just 15-60 seconds with the help of your phone only. This has become possible with the help of fast 3D capturing.
• With the help of four different scanning modes such as head, face, food, and freeform, you will get the superior quality in high-resolution 3D images.
• The application in your Smartphone comes with great tips that further help the user for better 3D creations.
• You can also bring your creations in the real world by using your face on the desired avatar.
• In addition to this, you can print your avatar and bring them to life by connecting them to professional printers in companies or at homes.

The 3D creator application further helps the user to view, edit, and save the 3D objects according to their expediency.

Water resistant and fingerprint sensor:
You just don’t need to worry about the rain and water splashes when you have Sony Xperia XZ1 with you. It is designed in such a way to withstand spills, water splashes, and unexpected showers. In addition to this, there is a fingerprint sensor that recognizes your touch. You can use this touch ID to protect your phone from unwanted spoofing and protect your personal data. The body of this mobile phone is tough on the outside because of the durable corning gorilla glass 5 which further prevents it from water splashes.

With Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, your Smartphone got the power to do more. Whether you are playing games or browsing the Internet over cellular networks, you can experience a smooth performance with the best processing power. Now, here is another model of Gionee Smartphone that you are going to love which comes at a reasonable price. Here is Gionee M7 power that has been recently launched in September 2017 at the US $440 only.

#4. Gionee Smartphone:

Gionee is a China-based Company which was established in 2002 and offers a broad variety of Smartphone to the users. These mobile phones are famous all around the world because of their unique features. With great advancement in the technology, Gionee is offering optimum quality products to the users all over the world to give them a delightful experience.

Gionee has just launched the latest model, i.e. Gionee A1 which has all the features that people prefer to avail. This model comes at a very reasonable price of US $220 only which anyone can avail to enjoy the new world of technology.

Why buy the latest Gionee A1:

Gionee is known for providing slim and sleek mobile phones to the consumers. The brand is also known for offering these unique gadgets at an affordable range. Keeping this in mind, they have designed another special Smartphone, i.e. Gionee A1 to fulfill all the requirements of the users. The specification of this phone is excellent and it comes with a powerful camera. You can capture the real beauty of nature with the help of this camera. Here are specifications of Gionee A1:

Specifications of Gionee A1:
1) The display size for this handset is 5.5 inches which are quite handy and you can use it with great ease.
2) IPS LCD screen is available with 2.5D curved glass to give a matchless experience to the users.
3) Accelerometer, light sensor, compass, proximity sensor, and gyroscope are available in Gionee A1.
4) The resolution of the display is fully HD, i.e. 1080*1920.
5) Pixel density is 401 PPI.
6) There are more than 16M colors which provide an inimitable experience to the users.
7) The keyboard is fully touchscreen.
8) Screen to body ratio is 70.39% which enables the user to see a larger area.
9) The multi-touch feature allows you to use access the whole screen for accessing multiple features.
10) The rear camera is 13 MP and the front camera is 16 MP.
11) Dual LED flash is available in Gionee A1.
12) Exmor-RS CMOS sensor is also available in the rear camera.
13) The focal length for the rear and front camera is 2.0.
14) Geo-tagging and high dynamic range mode are also available in this model.
15) Phase detection autofocus adds more to its unique features.
16) You can enjoy video recording of 1080p at 30fps.
17) With digital zoom, you can click photographs from distant points also.
18) The front camera supports selfie flash which makes it the best Gionee flagship phone.

Battery usage:
The Li-polymer battery of 4010 mAh is available which is non-removable. This mobile phone is known to provide the best battery backup till date. With the quick charging feature, you can recharge your electronic gadget in just a few minutes. This is very helpful when you don’t have enough time to recharge your phone and it becomes urgent. This is also known as a super battery phone due to these unique features. For more details regarding Gionee A1, you can visit and avail the relevant information.

Say hello to latest Android Nougat and Amigo:
The new Gionee A1 works on Nougat Android operating system providing matchless features to the consumers. The latest Android OS has just got better, sweeter, and faster with Nougat! The combination of Nougat with the Amigo gives a completely new experience to the Gionee Smartphone users by providing them great features. You can now access more than 1300 emojis on your Smartphone only. In addition to this, they have added 72 new emojis to your keyboard.

With smart notification feature, things have become quite easier and you can access the applications from the notification bar only. You can watch the movie at the same time while replying the text messages from the notification bar only. With Amigo and Nougat working together, you don’t need to think more as they do all the work for you. It enables quick switch between different apps and multi-window viewing with some additional features. You can now take a screenshot, listen to your favorite music, call your friend, or open the browser with the help of a simple gesture.

With the battery saver mode in latest Gionee A1, you can now save the battery while you are traveling or asleep. It offers great application optimization which further reduces the battery usage and also improves the battery life.

Privacy and security:
Amigo and Nougat offer several layers of encryption and security to the users with safe updates. This helps in safeguarding your privacy and all the data contents on your Smartphone. You can activate mobile anti-theft from setting in case you lost your mobile. This enables the user to find their Smartphone by tracing the location. Users can also set fingerprint lock for the phone which is accessible in just 0.2 seconds.

There is a 64-bit octa-core processor in Gionee A1 that gives superior performance with less power consumption. This unique Smartphone comes with 4GB RAM. The inbuilt memory of this device is 64 GB which is expandable up to 256 GB. Thus, you can store almost anything on your mobile device without deleting the existing content. With new Amigo and Nougat, you can avail special features such as system manager, Ami clone, Smart arrange, and Mood wallpaper. In addition to this, you can listen to the songs with Grammy-winning technology. Users can avail the MaxxAudio feature by Nougat and Amigo to get the best music listening experience.

There is another Company which is offering great Smartphone with the matchless feature at relatively affordable prices. The new Xiomi Mi MIX 2 is now available and here is complete information on this beautiful gadget.

#5. Xiomi Mi Smartphone:

With a great advancement in technology and development, Xiomi is building its roots in all the parts of the world. Whether it’s a commercial sector or any residential area, people prefer to use the Xiomi Smartphone because of great compatibility. This Company offers the products at an economical price without compromising the quality of their Smartphone. Xiomi has just launched the latest Smartphone, i.e. Xiomi Mi MIX 2 which you can avail from various online portals.

Xiomi Mi MIX 2:

This is one of the best models that Xiomi has ever launched. The Company is offering this special gadget at the US $550. With an affordable range of price, you can avail this device to meet all your personal and entertainment purposes. This unique Smartphone supports Android Nougat 7.1 and comes with additional features. It comes with a premium and visually appealing design which adds more to its uniqueness. The high-end specification further supports the smooth performance of this device.

Here are the specifications of Xiomi Mi MIX 2:

1) This Smartphone comes with a 5.99-inch display which offers a resolution of 1080*2160 pixels
2) There is an IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen that supports over 16M colors
3) Front camera is 5 MP which you can access to click selfies and the rear camera is 12 MP and you can access different filters from the camera options
4) This device is powered by a special octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor which is way more faster than any other device
5) The RAM offered by Xiomi Mi MIX 2 is 6 GB and it has additional 128 GB internal memory
6) You do need to insert additional memory SD card for more storage as they are already providing 128 GB for storing your data and information
7) There is a 3400 mAh non-removable battery which offers an extended battery life for your device
8) It measures 151*75*7.70 and the weight of Xiomi Mi MIX 2 is just 185gms which you can handle with great ease
9) This model support dual SIM which only accepts Nano SIM
10) The connectivity options of Xiomi Mi MIX 2 includes GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and Bluetooth
11) The sensors on the Mi Smartphone include proximity sensor, compass magnetometer, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, and barometer
12) Temperature sensor is also available in this device
13) The front of this phone is designed with complete glass, aluminum frame, and ceramic black
14) Corning Gorilla glass is also available for the protection of your device
15) Dual-LED flash and phase detection autofocus is also available in Xiomi Mi MIX 2
16) This device also supports faster battery charging
17) Type-C USB reversible connector is available that allows connecting your device with cable from either side

World’s first full-screen Smartphone:
Xiomi Mi MIX 2 is the world’s first full-screen Smartphone that allows the user to access a larger view to avail the best movie-watching experience. The display is designed by a world-renowned designer to give it the perfect design. Now, the users can experience a true immersive full-screen design with this Smartphone. This display uses an aspect ratio of 18:9 which is a result of their continuous effort to develop a unique technological innovation.

Unique design and proximity sensor:
The ultrasonic proximity sensor precisely detects the nearby sensor which is a great advancement in the world of Smartphone. Further, the custom minimized front camera module is 50% smaller than the typical modules. With a ceramic backplate and 18-karat gold-plated decorative camera rim, this device looks unique and attractive. With the aeroscope-grade aluminum alloy frame, it becomes highly durable. The Xiomi Mi MIX 2 is extremely light and thin which further delivers a matchless hand feel. In addition to this, Mi MIX 2 uses the latest UFS2.1 storage technology for optimum performance.

Fingerprint sensor:
The fingerprint ID biometrics technology is designed to provide reliable and accurate authentication to the user. This enables the users to safeguard their data from unwanted guests. With the help of this unique technology, you can lock your Smartphone without the help of special PIN and passcode. It also offers faster unlocking feature to the consumers which allows them to unlock their Smartphone in few seconds. This technology offers a great robustness, by scanning the unique pattern of user’s fingerprint. By applying fingerprint scan lock for your Smartphone, you no longer need to memorize the password for unlocking the device. This works well even when your hands are dirty, or covered with lotion or any type of moisture.

Additional features of Xiomi Mi MIX 2:
• This unique device comes with an LTE 4-antenna technology to offer 100% faster 4G service to the Xiomi users.
• With dual ADC HD recording, you can clearly record the things even at a distance.
• It comes with a power adapter for faster charging.
• Custom Mi MIX 2 hard case is also available with the headset.
• Type-C to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter is also available.
Thus, Xiomi Mi MIX 2 is one of the best Smartphone that you can avail from the market or online stores. You can also choose OnePlus 5 which is the best flagship Smartphone of 2017. Here is detailed information about this gadget.

#6 OnePlus Smartphone:

OnePlus is offering unique phones to the users to provide them a matchless experience in the digital world. They always prefer to choose the most unique and superior quality processor for their phone’s flagships and this recent version is no different. They are constantly working on providing the best Smartphone to the users. If you are looking for a good mobile at an economical price, you can avail this OnePlus Smartphone from nearby market stores or various online portals. For more information on OnePlus Smartphone, you can browse and avail the relevant data.

OnePlus 5:

This is a great Smartphone that flaunts with a 5.5 inch full HD screen. They have used a 2.5 D Corning Gorilla glass 5 for the protection of its display. The OnePlus 5 operates on Android Nougat 7.1.1 which is based on Oxygen OS 4.5.0 which offers a great experience to the consumers. In addition to this, users can use more than 1300 emojis and 72 new ones. The price for this gadget is the US $510 which is quite reasonable according to its features. This Smartphone is here to eliminate the need for DSLR cameras with its great camera features and unique filters. Here are some of the specifications of OnePlus 5 that you are going to love:

Specifications of OnePlus 5:
1) The OnePlus 5 comes with 5.5-inch touchscreen full HD display.
2) The resolution of the display is 1080*1920 pixels which offer a unique experience to the users.
3) This electronic gadget is powered with a 1.9 GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor which adds more to its uniqueness.
4) The RAM for this phone is 6GB and the internal storage memory is 64 GB which is not further expandable. Thus, it reduces the cost for additional SD card by providing enough space to store your data.
5) It comes with a 3300 mAh non-removable which offers a brilliant mobile battery backup.
6) The weight of this device is 153gms which makes it quite handy to carry anywhere you want.
7) The OnePlus is available in two unique colors, i.e. midnight black and slate grey.
8) It comes with a 20 MP rear camera and 16 MP front-facing camera to click beautiful selfies. Flash is also available for the rear camera which works effectively during the night too.
9) This gadget supports dual SIM and you can only use Nano SIM for this.
10) Compass, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, and the temperature sensor is also available.
11) The connectivity options include NFC, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, OTG, USB, 3G, and 4G.
12) Technologies supported by this device are GSM, CDMA, HSPA, and LTE.
13) It is built with front glass, aluminum frame, and back.
14) Optic AMOLED capacitive touchscreen that supports 16M colors.
15) CPU is octa-core and GPU are Adreno 540.
16) The fingerprint sensor is available for security.
17) Fast battery charging is available with Dash charge.

Video recording features:
With the help of OnePlus 5, you can make a crystal clear 4k video at 30fps. 1080p resolution video at 30fps and 60fps is available at this unique device. You can also play 720p video at 30fps which still offers a great video quality without any missing pixels. The video formats supported are MKV, MP4, MOV, H.265 (HEVC), WMV, AVI, 3GP, TS, WEBM, and FLV. You can also make slow-motion videos of fast moving objects to observe even the 100th moment of that action. In addition to this, users can use lime lapse for different purposes. Time-lapse is a slow process but shows the activities of a full day in few seconds. Thus, you can record day and nights when traveling in a ship for much entertainment.

In the box you can avail:
• Headset
• One screen protector to safeguard the screen
• Dash type-C cable for connectivity
• SIM tray ejector to insert/change the SIM
• Dash power adapter for faster charging
• Quick start guide to start-up
• Safety information to use the Smartphone

Dual camera for capturing clear images:
Now, you can shoot clearer photos with the help of unique dual camera with smart capture mode. This mode enables the users to take the right shot every time. The camera of OnePlus 5 adjust according to the environment and helps in capturing the best out of it. With the help of professional quality, you can now click photos with more accuracy and clarity. In addition to this, you can also capture different things and faces with great clarity using the portrait mode. The dual camera uses two sensors to distinguish the foreground and the background and capture the image without any blurred effect. There is also a pro mode that enables the users to adjust the ISO, WB, shutter speed, autofocus, and much more.

A day’s power in half an hour:
With the help of dash charge, you can recharge your Smartphone in just 30 minutes. This saves a lot of time and helps you in doing the things more effectively. This mode helps you in providing enough power for the entire day by eliminating the concept of overnight charging. This feature delivers a consistent and fast charging speed with the help of larger electric current. Usually, the fast charging heats up your Smartphone and decrease the battery life. With the help of dash charge mode, your handset remains cool and it doesn’t slow down the charging process.

You can also enjoy a smooth and fast software experience with OxygenOS which is a special operating system built on Android. All over, this is a great device which you avail for personal use or entertainment purpose. Here’s another device with its unique specifications that you are going to love. The HTC U11, which was launched in June 2017, is a unique device that is built to offer a matchless experience to the users. The price for the device is the US $740.

#7. HTC U11:

This unique device is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor to offer smooth performance, breathtaking speed, and jaw-dropping graphics to the users. With 25% faster graphics than the previous versions, you can avail a great gaming experience with this unique Smartphone. They added up a 35% more video playback and 43% more music playback to offer a longer battery experience to the users. With 3.5 hours longer web browsing experience, you can surf the Internet without worrying about the battery life.

In the box:
• HTC U11 headset
• HTC rapid charger 3.0
• USB-C digital to 3.5mm audio jack adapter
• USB type-C cable
• HTC U11 clear shield
• Dust cloth
• Adaptive earphones
• SIM tool

Specifications of HTC U11:
1) The standby time for this mobile phone is 427.54 hours and phone talk time is 24.5 hours.
2) The screen size of the new HTC U11 is 5.5 inch with a resolution of 1440*2560 pixels.
3) RAM is 6GB and the internal memory storage of this device is 128GB.
4) The expandable storage of this device is 2000 GB which is just matchless.
5) The weight of HTC U11 is 170gms only which makes it quite handy to carry.
6) It supports Dual SIM which adds more to its exclusivity.
7) Battery power rating is 3000mAh which offers an exceptional battery backup.
8) The sensors included are a proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, edge sensor, magnetic sensor, and motion G-sensor.
9) 2.45GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.
10) It operates over Android 7.1 Nougat.
11) Colours available are amazing silver and brilliant black.
12) The rear camera is 12 MP and the front-facing camera is 16 MP.

The brilliant edge sense:
The beautifully designed edge sense expands the functionality of HTC U11 to offer a lifetime experience to the consumers. You can further configure and control it to access a wide range of applications and functions on your device. One squeeze can open Pinterest, Instagram, Whatsapp, or Facebook which offers a great flexibility to the users. In addition to this, the Google assistant is just a squeeze away which helps in getting a powerful voice recognition assistant in a single command. The HTC U11 helps in everything you need with just one simple gesture. Taking photos and launching your favorite applications has become quite easier with this latest technology. With the help of edge sense, they have brought the next age of phone interactions for the users all over the world.

HTC U11: A smart digital companion:

They have designed this new model in such a way to provide a unique AI companion to deliver the best of everything at your convenience. The HTC sense is capable of learning your daily routines and patterns and offer results on the basis of these possibilities. You can also check weather details which are shown more precisely on your home screen only. The HTC sense is also capable of recording every step you take and provide a report on your daily health. This helps in keeping you on the top of your fitness goals.

The 16 MP Selfie cameras and most clear and vivid video quality:
With the help of UltraPixel light sensitivity and high resolution 16 MP cameras, you can click brilliant selfies whether it’s day or night. This camera also uses the same noise reduction and powerful HDR boost as the main camera for providing optimum quality images to the selfie lovers. Thus, you can effectively up your selfie game with the help of latest HTC U11. With the continuous efforts in the development of HTC models, this Company has managed to introduce the temporal noise reduction technology to deliver the best video experience. You can record videos without any noise disturbance with clear motion picture quality.

This mobile phone is dust and water resistant which comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. With the help of a high rated rear camera, you can click sharp and beautiful images. If you are a professional photographer, you are going to love this device because it offers great camera features and unique filters.



There is no surprise that how these Smartphone has changed the lifestyle of people all over the world. Needless to say, these gadgets have become an essential part of human life. The Smartphone acts as a handheld personal computer with a unique mobile operating system which works over cellular networks. Smartphone offers a great way of communication with friends. One can make a Skype video call to see their friends sitting in other countries. Life without Smartphone is like a forest without trees.

Great source of education:

Most of the students prefer to use Smartphone and Internet has become an important part of their lives. Having a Smartphone can be more productive when the students start using it for educational purpose. Students can browse about anything with the help of Smartphone and access information on various topics. The smartphone is slowly taking over huge books because all the information is available on Wikipedia and various educational portals.

Applications for almost everything:

Smartphone has become a great necessity in the modern world because most of the people are connected to different applications to complete their daily life tasks. Now, you can make an online payment and recharge your mobile phones with the help of online banking. Transferring money to your relatives, friends, or business partners has become quite easy with the help of these electronic gadgets. This has promoted online transactions all over the world which is the main reason behind the globalization all over the world.

Online shopping and online booking:

You do not need to move here and there in the search of perfect clothes as there are various online portals from where you can avail a variety of dresses. You can shop online on Myntra, Jabong, Flipkart, and Amazon to avail the best offers on clothing and footwear by sitting from your home only. This has become possible just because of the Smartphone. In addition to this, you can book your airline tickets and railway tickets from the home only which also saves a lot of time.

In addition to this, people can use these unique gadgets for watching movies, playing games, and enjoying to their favorite music. It is a great source of entertainment. You can also listen to online news which keeps you updated. Checking cricket score has become quite easier for cricket fans and they can also watch it live through various applications. One can also book movie tickets with the help of Smartphone by following simple steps. If you are on a vacation with your friends, you can capture the beautiful moments and record various activities in your Smartphone only.

Thus, Smartphone has emerged as a unique gadget to provide all the resources to people with great ease. So, buy one, if you don’t have one!