Talking about something related to the technology could not be away from the products which are using the great technology. That enables anyone who is in this digital era to be completely really helped by the existence of the technology. Of course, the rapidly developed technology makes everything to be much better and simpler. What about the existence of the new Windows series which might be really that much better compared to its predecessors? However, perhaps we could not see its great popularity of the Windows 10 which has not that much users or even fans. Some users might still choose to use the Windows 7. Of course, many people said that the Windows 10 just could not grab the Windows 7 users’ attentions even though some of them also get moved to the recent Windows.

In the year of 2015 when Windows 10 has not arrived yet, the users of Windows 7 are about 61%. Then, based on the data, it can be seen that the users of the Windows 7 in the year of 2016 is about 48%, while the Windows 10 is about 24%. The rest is for the Windows 8.1, Windows XP, and also Windows 8. It means that there is no significant difference of the decrease of Windows 7 users after the Windows 10 was launched. That is the fact which always makes us feel that the existence of the recent series, Windows 10 just could not beat the predecessor which is really popular, Windows 7.

The Windows 10 is getting a bit popular with better users because of the new devices which are attaching the feature of Windows 10 on them as the part. The great devices with the great features then will help boosting the Windows 10 popularity and also fortune since then there are more people who use this series of Windows. The sleek yet stylish design with the various great features of the devices always grabs the people’s attention. Let us see the Surface Pro device which offers the great yet versatile designs with its dual functions, as a laptop and also as a tablet PC, it becomes really attractive and then the users of the Windows 10 is also getting boosted. It becomes something interesting with a lot of great points of the devices. That is a kind of things which we can see from the fact regarding to the popularity of Windows 10 vs. Windows 7. That is such an interesting discussion for us in order to get such the interesting point to be noticed why it happens for a long time.

Some Overviews Regarding to this Condition

Talking about such that condition, means we also need to talk about the previous Windows series, which is the Windows XP which also becomes a legend. That also did not get any great impact which is that much as the effect of the Windows 10 arrivals. However, it is really the old version which is compared to the Windows XP. Commonly, devices which use this Windows operating system is the kind of old series one which could not be upgraded. It means, the users might think to use that version till it does nothing.

Then, when the Windows 8.1 arrives, in which a lot of users of Windows 8 are getting their device upgraded to the next version, then they will think about having such the same thing as the previous ones. Sure, there is no significant difference there so that people are getting attracted by having some a free upgrade to the next one, which is the Windows 10.

Then, we may simply have such the great question on the condition which happens to Windows 7. That is completely different among others. In the first time of the arrival of Windows 10, the users are getting decreased. That is from 61% to 48% which happens in about 1½ year. That sounds so rapid but we can see nowadays or even from April in the year of 2016. We can see it stable with such the stable condition of the users of Windows 7.

In addition, such the stable yet quality product of the Windows 7 can make the users feel that comfortable. Even there are so many companies which also use this version for dealing with the tasks and duties. That is because Windows 7 is such the great product which makes a lot of companies fall in love with and makes them comfortable and confident to work with. They might also feel really worried in dealing with the leaps of the use of Windows 10. Then, perhaps Windows 7 might become such the next Windows XP that makes people feel comfortable with. However, still Microsoft has such the great ambition in reaching the success in their Windows 10. That is why a lot of things have been done to get more users for that Windows version.