It is an inevitable truth that with the modern technical advancement, it will not be a problem to get in touch with the best application for blind users. These applications are designed in such a manner so that it can aid people, suffering from blindness or lower vision. Even though Braille was the only way of communication for such people during previous times, but the concept has changed drastically with the invention of modern technologies. Now, an android phone with special apps can prove to be the best friend, philosopher and guide of the visually impaired. The most prominent option is that you are likely to face the daily challenges, with ease.

Featuring some simple apps

For the first option, go for the QR reader and Scanlife Barcode. This proves to be the best apps for the people, who fail to find the right object for reading barcode or any other similar objectives. Through this application, people are likely to come across information about the product they are planning to buy. This is cost effective software, which can help in offering the right barcode reading services, before a final say. This application is going to run on android phone only. The easy to use or navigation service always proves to be the best possible option, while dealing with Android service.

TalkBack is another major option

TalkBack is a specialized app, which is a part of the Accessible service. This is mostly used in order to help the blind people with the proper use of their electronic gadgets. The application will help the users learn more about the Smartphone they are carrying and ways to use the product properly. With a single press on any button, the technology will speak the service aloud and help you understand the service, you have chosen. It will read out each mail under your name or any button you pressed for service.

Dealing with accessibility installer

Also stated as Platform installer, this IDEAL Installer is a complete pack for the Android programs only. This is mostly stated for visually impaired personalities and mostly, the mobile users. It comprises of different applications under the same roof, like KickBack, TalkBack and even SoundBack services. These three are collaborated and jointly stated as TKS application. This application is going to include the vibration, spoken and audible feedback, related with Android Device. All you need to do is just check the service you are planning to incorporate with your device, and install those programs.

Magnify is in

In order to turn your phone into the best services, similar to a magnifying glass, you are asked to download this application. This is one of the simple android apps for visually impaired, which is gaining worldwide popularity, at this present moment. All you need is the flashlight of your camera service and let the software do the rest, on your behalf. People, who are suffering from less visual challenges and cannot see properly without bright light, can use this software and take a look at the products more properly. This application can help in reading out tiny prints, with ease.

Other possible options available

There are thousands of other applications, which focus on Android operating system. You just need to be patience and deal with the services accordingly. Some of the other technical applications are the font installer root, MessagEase Keyboard, Speech engine relating with a classic text, WalkyTalky and more. All you need to do is go through the services well, before installing the applications. The best part is that the applications are free of cost, and are available from leading Play Stores. You can take initial help from professionals.