Starting a company in Singapore seems to have a similar process and difficulty level in other countries. But, that’s only for you who are experienced. For a beginner, it could be a complicated task to handle. Even the experienced entrepreneur also has a hard time doing that. For that reason, a consultant for company incorporation is an important element here. They help you to go through all these obstacles, smoothly. So, what kind of consultant do we have to use?

  1. Reliable and Recognized

Find one that is reliable and recognized by local authorities, regulatory and professional. A consultant or company that has this status can be seen that they are more than capable of helping you to incorporate a company. Furthermore, the recognition part also can be seen from the award they receive. In short, if you can find an incorporation service that receives an award as the best in its field, that’s the perfect choice for you.

  1. The Team that Will Help You

It is not difficult to find what kind of people work behind a company incorporation consultant service. On their website, they list some of the information about their team. For that reason, you can easily find a consultant that has the right team for your needs.

Furthermore, if the team consists of experts that have received certification, that would be even better. As for this part, you need to find a provider that has a team with ISCA certificate, CSIS certificate, and SIATP certificate, especially in the Accredited Tax Practitioners (Income Tax & GST) area. The team with that certification is what you need to start a company in Singapore.

  1. Human Resource Services

When you start a company, HR will be one of the departments that need a lot of focuses to develop. Unfortunately, it could be a bad thing to do this when you just start your company. That is the reason why a company incorporation service that also can assist in the HR department is the best thing you can get. In short, you can focus on other parts of your company. It also increases the chance of a better starting point to make your company grow bigger in the future.

As for the Singapore area, you can find consultant service that is part of HCPartners. This is an organization that actively develops human resource development in Singapore. A company incorporation consultant with this partnership is your best choice.

  1. Big Network

A consultant service with a bigger network is very helpful to develop your company. It means they have so many resources to use for supporting your needs. Moreover, by having a bigger network, especially the global scale network, to back you up, you also can find more business opportunities, partners, and even new markets.


Each of the elements we mentioned above will help you to spot which consultant for company incorporation that can give you the best result for starting a company in Singapore. Once you find the consultant that you need, the rest of it depends on your effort to develop your company