In this Thursday, Aug. 22, 2019 photo, actress Jennifer Aniston is seen on the laptop of Esme Goldman, 13, as she streams an episode of the '90s sitcom "Friends" via Netflix in Pasadena, Calif. “Friends” marks its 25th anniversary Sunday, Sept. 22 and the quintessential 1990s sitcom has attracted a new slew of viewers who are barely half that age. Tween and teen girls in particular have embraced the show with huge enthusiasm, taking a show that belonged to Generation X and making it their own. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

SolarMovie is where you can get the ultimate free access to movie, series and other entertainment content. The library, which is pretty large, is updated repeatedly, so as to include the latest additions as well as maintain its credibility. The genres that the site offers range form Action, Musical and Comedy to Mythical, Adventurous and Horror and Thriller. A handy feature is that it also has a little section of old vintage films, which probably can’t be found anywhere else. These can be downloaded for free as well.

Just like SolarMovies, there are some alternative websites that do the same work, all of them listed below. However, I highly doubt any other website can work as SolarMovie does.

  1. Vumoo:

Vumoo provides its users with quality content, including movies, series, as well as documentaries. It is absolutely free, with no necessary compulsion of registering or creating an account, and yet, if you create one, there are some hidden additional features you can use. The user interface is quite sleek and modernistic, and lets you download the content, not only for free but also in HD quality.

Vomoo is one of the best source to watch movies online, but if you are looking for alternatives then, We have a list of Top 20 Best Alternative Websites like Vumoo for you.

2. Rainierland:

Rainierland is probably one of the most-used and best SolarMovies alternatives to watch free movies online.The user interface is something every user love – it is simple, effective and beautiful. There is a section of ‘recommended movies’ on the homepage, where you can browse some handpicked movies. Rainierland provides a vast selection of movies and series, which can be streamed for free and downloaded too, but the latter can only be done with the help of an add-on by the name of Ant Video Downloader.

3. Yes Movies:

Yes Movies get you content for free, which you can stream in full HD quality. Since the logo of the website is red and the background makes use of black shade, the entire website feels like a knockoff of YouTube. You can find the content segregated not only on the basis of genres, but also on the basis of country, i.e. where the given content is from. It lets you, therefore, browse movies on a geographical basis. I mean, isn’t that great?

Also, make sure to have a look at P2P4U.

4. YoMovies:

YoMovies is where you will get each and every type of movies, especially something out of Hollywood. There is an inclusion of Bollywood movies, Tamil and Telugu Movies, Punjabi movies as well as other dubbed movies. The movies have an additional information page, where you can check IMDB and user ratings in just one click. There is an irritating problem of ads which popup unexpectedly when you click on the play button, but that is negligible in the face of such a best site and alternative to SolarMovie.

5. CineBloom:

CineBloom is a ads-free website – something which not many websites can promise. And it doesn’t even force you to make an account in order to access the content. All you have to do is click on the movie image that can be seen on the screen, click that play button and then select any of the many streaming server links. The content will then easily start to load, without any ads or popups. Maybe this is why it is a favored choice of the film buffs.

6. 123Movies:

123Movies is a name which has bene prevalent in recent days, something which the users tried for the first time, before moving on to other sites. It is a simple site, with a user-friendly functioning and to-the-point. The content provided on the site is obviously of premium quality. The library of movies and TV series is pretty huge, and it can be sorted on the basis of the country it originated, for the user’s convenience, including USA, France, India, UK and so on.

Here you have 123movies site, and some 123movies alternative options. So, in the event that you need to watch online free films without going through money, you can generally utilize numerous.

7. Putlocker:

Putlocker is actually a good website – just like SolarMovie – where you can watch movies online in free way. The library of movies and TV series is too extensive and surprisingly includes popular and not-so-popular shows and movies. It is free, obviously, and you can download this free content for free. The site has been made so safe that it can be used by children as well. No hassle or creating an account or anything, one just can’t go wrong with Putlocker.

8. Movies4u:

Movies4u is a prettier website, as compared to others in this list, because of its easy to use and graceful interface. The movies and TV series are all divided into proper and different categories, and then sub-divided into genres. The site provides a summary page for each of the movie and tv series, including ImdB ratings, synopsis and other important things.

All of these sites come with features of their own, some beautiful while some efficient. While every site, including SolarMoviesis perfect in its place, these other sites can easily be accessed in place of SolarMovies.