Latex mattress comprises pure natural latex and not a blend of any synthetic materials and latex. We know that latex mattresses have been designed for offering pressure point relief and support and could be immensely beneficial to practically all kinds of sleepers whether side, back, and stomach. Natural latex is known to be manufactured from the sap of the rubber tree. However, as per, “The phrase “100% natural latex” is a tad misleading because curing agents must be added to the rubber sap in order for it to bake into cozy latex layers. We understand that zinc oxide and sulfur are some of the additives often used for effectively preventing early oxidation and baking rubber sap into a solid. Let us explore the chief reasons why latex mattresses would be gaining traction in 2019.

Incredibly Comfortable

We all know that we are compelled by circumstances that arise in this digital era to work until we drop dead every day. We lead extremely stressful lives and follow tight schedules. So, we must essentially get a good night’s sleep. A latex mattress is known to deliver incredible comfort. When you lie down at first on a good latex mattress, you would be experiencing a really soft sinking feeling that is at once followed by a truly supportive buoyant sensation. The latex mattress feels very comfortable to sleep on because latex is naturally springy.

Great for Pain-Relief

Sleeping on a latex mattress could be the best way of promoting pain relief. If you are suffering from chronic back pain or any other severe joint pain, latex mattress could be the perfect choice for you. A latex mattress is often recommended by physical therapists, osteopaths, and even chiropractors because it is known to effectively promote pain relief and is one of the top reasons to get more sleep. The latex mattress offers spine alignment naturally and has a cushioning effect that would be helpful in alleviating all sorts of body aches and pains.

Allergen-Free Naturally

Research reveals that most of the allergies that are triggered in the bedroom are caused by molds and dust mites as our bodies react to proteins produced by them. Latex mattresses are supposed to be dust mites and mold-resistant and are totally free from these harmful allergens. People suffering from allergies throughout the year could find some respite by sleeping on a nice and supportive latex mattress that is naturally allergen-free.


Latex mattress production boosts the growth of rubber tree cultivation. Plantations are usually managed carefully for ensuring that the growth of these valuable rubber trees is actually sustainable. Rubber trees are helpful in reducing carbon-dioxide from the atmosphere. So, you are indirectly responsible for reducing carbon footprint by buying a natural latex mattress.


If you are looking for the ultimate in eco-friendliness, you must choose a top quality natural latex mattress. Most environmentally conscious individuals would be opting for a latex mattress. Moreover, these mattresses are the top choice for parents who care for their kids’ good health. Latex mattresses are free from harmful pesticides that make them child-friendly too.