A grinding mill clutch helps in ensuring that a mill start-up is smooth. It functions as a circuit breaking during the process. This prevents the grinding material from damaging the ring gear, therefore saving you expensive repair costs.

Industrial grinding mill clutches feature unique designs as they are used in heavy-duty grinding mills. Some industries that heavily rely on industrial grinding mill clutches include mining, heavy industrial, oil, and gas, paper, and metalworking. Below are common features and benefits of grinding mill clutches;

Quick-Release Valve

The quick-release valve is the fastest of all other nerves. That’s because it opens and closes with 20lbs or less. It can perform several operations before you see any leakage. This leads to increased productivity and profit.

Quality material

The aluminum alloy material used on the body and the cap is of high quality. The stern is made of nylon. The tube connection and pipe threat are strong enough to endure high pressure.


Ruto-couplings unite the gas and the air that doesn’t seem to rotate. That helps make the fluid bond with the rotating shaft. This prolongs the lifespan of a grinding mill clutch, not to mention that it makes it easy to install.

Other features include;

  •         Have friction shoes to disengage the drum.
  •         A flexible tire-like tube located at the back of friction shoes inflates as a result of high pressure. That causes the friction shoes to involve the drum.
  •         Pneumatic and electrical portions present in the clutch system are in charge of the grinding mill clutch. This prevents system failure during operation.
  •         There is the pressure-actuated switch that hinders the motor from turning on once the air pressure starts functioning. Thanks to this feature, the grinding mill clutch only works when needed.

Advantages of a grinding mill clutch

The lack of linkages, splines, and air-actuation reduces operation time. That also eradicates common mechanical failures.

Air is only used when the clutch needs engagement, not when working. This is because grinding mill clutches are made as closed systems.

One can detach the clutch and the drum from the mounting features, and that will make them fall between the shafts.

Grinding mill clutches can be used on grinding mills that feature extremely heavy motors. That helps to cut the cost of the high-torque tool.

Also, they can charge, discharge, or even reline the equipment at an excellent speed. It’s termed as inching or jogging the grinding mill.

The clutches block peak-power demands. It achieves that by aligning the grinding mill elements. That creates room for maximum power.

The units bring inertia loads into operation in seconds. This not only increases productivity but also speeds up the operation and cuts the operation cost.

A grinding mill clutch enhances a flawless start and therefore prevents the shocks of the high-torque motor from damaging the drive trains.

The grinding mill clutches come with a high capacity of 360. As a result, they are ideal for different industries, including marine and mining.

In short, grinding mill clutches ease operations in leading industries. They are used in massive operation and have superb features to prevent mechanical breakdowns. Besides, clutches have several benefits which enable businesses to produce more without spending a lot of money.