CCTV’s were first used in Germany for learning purpose in the early 1940s. However, they were introduced in the commercial market much later around the end of 1940s. With the advancements in the technology Close circuit television has come a long way. The features have upgraded to such an extent that the recent cameras offer high resolution night vision, enhanced surveillance video, audio and face detection features as well. Besides the technological features, CCTV’s come in various designs, shape and competences. Based on your selected features and designs, the prices vary. In this article we will cover the basic questions you must ask yourself prior to purchasing.

Why am I buying a CCTV?

In other words, you must know the exact answer to the question “why do I need a CCTV”. The requirement of cctv installation will depend on the location you choose. Furthermore, discreet or boxed cameras serve different purpose depending on what do you want to keep under surveillance whether it is for work place or home. The first step is to identify where do you want to install your CCTV and what is the purpose of it, is it going to be installed indoors or outdoors?

Boxed cameras or prudent cameras?

The selection of prudent of boxed cameras differ depending on their purposes. For instance, if you want to install a CCTV for the purpose of saving yourself from theft, you should definitely go for boxed cameras which are more obvious and makes it apparent to anyone passing by that they are being monitored. While small sized cameras such as dome cameras comes in ultra-compact models as well that can easily go away unnoticed.

Understand your requirements

The required features for both home and workplace cctv may vary but there are a few aspects to consider before proceeding any further with the selection. The first thing that you must think about is how wide is the space that you want to monitor? The resolution required is directly proportional to the monitored area. Second aspect is related to the brightness i.e. how bright is the area around cctv installation? Third aspect is about sound i.e. do you need audio as well?

Product & installation Price

Once you have identified your needs, you will then start your search for the right camera along with its accessories such as cctv cable, nuts and bolts. Prices obviously vary depending on your budget and requirements, the higher the clarity of a cctv, the expensive it gets. We recommend opting for cameras that provide value for money from trusted manufacturers such as Honeywell, Hikivision, and Samsung etc. Buying a cheap cctv can later be regretful. Always compare the product guide. First Digital Surveillance is one of the best CCTV & security equipment providers in Los Angeles.

In addition to the price of the device, always check on the installation rates. All this will add up to your costing.

Product warranty

Always invest in a product that comes with at least a year’s warranty. Reliable manufacturers will always provide a warranty and their after sales service is mostly spot on and hassle free. This will not be the same case if you buy one from an untrusted retailer that you may have to constantly chase if you start having problems with your cctv.