Photography is a fabulous hobby that can keep a person busy for hours at a time. However, if you are interested in taking up this hobby, you will probably need more than just a camera.

Indeed, most experienced and pro photographers carry a case of accessories with them all the time, ensuring they have everything they need to capture that perfect shot no matter where they are.

While you could easily get by and take great photos with nothing more than a digital camera around your neck, if you really want to progress the hobby and enhance your skills, there are some considered must-haves.

Extra Battery

If you are out taking photos all day long, the chances are your battery will eventually run out of juice. Carrying an extra battery could be the proverbial lifesaver if the opportunity for a perfect photo presents itself when the original battery has died.

Imagine you are out in a forest or by the ocean when you spot some wildlife you have always dreamed of capturing on camera.

You go to take the photo and just as you are about to press the shutter-release button, the camera battery indicator flashes and the camera switches off!

With an additional battery in your arsenal, you’ll never panic when you see your battery life dwindling down to nothing.

Sturdy Camera Bag

If you are going to be investing in accessories for your camera, it makes sense to also invest in somewhere functional to store these items. Say hello to the camera bag. Camera bags are specifically designed to provide all the compartments you need to store your essential accessories.

You can buy the type of bag that suits your requirements and preferences, such as an over-the-shoulder bag or a backpack.

Most of these types of the bag come with a zipper that opens the front, revealing the various spaces that will comfortably fit things like an extra battery, a zoom lens, lens cleaning kit, portable tripod and, of course, your camera.

Lens Cleaning Kit

While outside taking photos, the chances are you will get dirt or other debris on your camera lens. Unless you regularly clean the lens, you could end up with photos that are dull and cloudy looking.

A dust blower is a great investment as it can help to remove dust quickly when you need to clean the lens in a hurry to get that shot you’ve been waiting for.

Polarizing Filter

Depending on the type of photos you like to take, a polarizing filter could be a worthwhile investment. This piece of kit is attached to the camera lens and works by reducing glare from things such as glass or water.

A polarizing filter can also help darken the sky, which helps make the clouds look clearer and the entire picture much more vivid and bright.


A tripod is often classed as a must-have for most photographers. You can buy a small portable tripod for your camera bag, or a much sturdier one that you can transport on your back when out taking photos.

Ensure that whatever tripod you do buy can hold the weight of your camera. And don’t forget that the camera will be heavier once a lens has been attached.

Before purchasing a camera and accessories, remember that there are some fantastic camera deals out there. The Deal Experts say that buying a camera complete with accessories is probably the perfect option for a beginner photographer as this way he or she can be sure that all accessories are compatible with the camera.

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