There are a number of questions people often contemplate when buying leather jackets. The primary question that comes in mind is what is the difference between real and vegan leather jackets or if a genuine leather jacket is worth the purchase or not. Whether you are planning to buy a women’s leather jacket or for men, it is always worthwhile to know the difference as it will assist you in making the right choice.

Vegan leather

It is quite evident from the name itself that vegan leather is not derived from animal skin but is rather synthetic in nature. Vegan leather is also known as faux leather and sometimes it is even known as pleather meaning plastic leather. It is not a natural produce but is made up of chemicals such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyurethane.

Real leather 

Real leather is a natural product that is made up of animal skin. It is made up of real animal hide that can be from a cow, sheep or any other cattle. This is the reason products made up from real leather are higher in price as compared to vegan leather.

Now that we have defined both real and vegan leather, let us have a look at the differences between the both in terms of their physical and non-physical characteristics:

Physical characteristics by touch

The foremost characteristic that defines the difference between real and vegan leather is its surface. Since real leather is made up of animal skin, its surface will never be uniform and will consist of a number of imperfections. As it is a natural product, if you press the surface it will end up being wrinkly and may stretch just as how our skin will be. Similarly if you run your hand on its surface, it will not feel smoother.

Unlike real leather, the surface of the faux leather is much smoother. Any machine made material is always even in texture with little or no imperfections. Additionally, if you press a faux leather’s surface, you will notice it does not stretch of get wrinkly. It rather preserves its texture and shape by being rigid. Wearostrich is one such leather jackets provide that claims to offer vegal leather jackets online. 

Non-physical characteristics by smell

Another key difference between real and faux leather is its distinct organic fragrance. Just like skin, real leather jackets will have a leathery scent to them. Although a newly purchased leather jacket will smell of leather but it fades over time.

On the other hand even newly purchased vegan leather jackets will not have any leathery scent. Since they are made up of synthetics, they will either smell of plastic or have no smell at all.


Just like any other natural product, any type of real leather jacket; be it girl or boys leather jacket will be more durable provided appropriate care is taken. In fact, as the time passes by, the appearance of real leather gets better even with discoloration or staining. In addition to this, it is more porous in surface that allows better breathability to the skin.

Conversely, though cheaper in price, vegan leather jackets are less durable and do not last as long as real leather jackets. They cannot be restored to their original form due to their lighter texture i.e. they are much thinner and light weight. Contrasting to real leather, vegan leather jackets are not porous and tend to get uncomfortable if you wear them for extensive duration.