Compared to the other rooms in the house, it is safe to say that bathroom is the trickiest to renovate and remodel. You cannot freely move the furniture to new location because you have to consider the plumbing system as well. Furthermore, since bathroom tends to be small, planning the perfect design might be pretty challenging. To make sure your bathroom renovation project can be successful check out helpful guides from places like Showersly and read these 6 quick tips.

Take Your Lifestyle into Consideration

Before deciding on the design, it would be best to consider your lifestyle first. While marble is a great choice to make your bathroom more beautiful, it is not the best for you if you don’t have time to maintain it properly. In exchange, you can consider something easier to maintain like stone or ceramic.

Furthermore, if you need to save space, it is best to replace the bathtub with shower. Having a bathtub is definitely a waste of space if you rarely have time to take baths. By replacing the bathtub with shower, you can put additional things into the bathroom or just left it empty to give some sense of space.

Keep the Same Footprint

If you need to save budget, it is best to keep the same footprint. When you are renovating a bathroom, you will have to deal with complicated plumbing works, which will cost you a lot of time and money if you decide to change them. Even if you don’t change the footprint, you can still give new vibe to your bathroom by changing the furniture, add some lighting and maybe play with color and textures.

But if you want to give your bathroom a complete makeover and you also plan to change the footprint, and then make sure you work with the best plumber like Lucas Plumbing. This professional plumbing company will ensure that the new plumbing fixtures will work properly. Furthermore, they also will make sure that everything is beautifully finished so there will not be any out of place pipes sticking out in your bathroom.

Do Preventive Maintenance

While you are at it, it would be better if you do preventive maintenance as well. Ask the plumber to perform leak detection and other necessary inspection. When it comes to plumbing problems, minor issues can be very hard to detect until it turns really bad. Preventive maintenance might seem like a waste of money, especially during an expensive renovation project, but it will actually save you a lot of money in the future.

Put One or Two Luxury Items

With a wide range of appliances taking up the walls, the bathroom is almost always low on space. This is why utilising a heating unit with multiple functions will no doubt keep things simple. With a wide range of designs available, modern towel radiators span from the vertical laddered design to the column radiator’s sleek towel rail add on.

Even if you are on a budget, don’t totally skip on the high-end materials. You don’t have to fill your bathroom with fancy and expensive items, but it is important to put one or two luxury items. If your bathroom is small, decorating the bathroom and make it looks elegant can be difficult. But if you put a high-end material inside, it can serve as focal point that draws all the elements together.

Toilet Should Not Facing the Door

If you use Feng Shui as guidance to decorate your house, you definitely know that putting toilet right in front of the door is a big no because it can cause money loss. However, putting Feng Shui aside, putting toilet facing the door is still not the best decision.

When you open the bathroom door, the toilet seat is definitely not the view that you want to see first. It is going to take the attention away from the real beautiful design of the bathroom. Instead of toilet seat, it is best to put the vanity, or simply other elements that you want to make as the center of attention of your bathroom.

Incorporate Mirror and Lightings as Design Element

Mirror is not only something you use to check your appearance. You can also incorporate is as the element of your bathroom design, especially if space is an issue in your bathroom. It is not a secret that mirror can make small space looks bigger. So, instead of putting too many ornaments that will make your small bathroom looks cramped. It is best to just hang a mirror with exquisite frame and shape. It is beautiful and also functional. To accompany the mirror, you can play with lightings as well. The light reflected by the mirror will make the bathroom looks brighter and prettier.

To ensure successful bathroom remodeling and renovation project, you should plan everything carefully. Don’t forget to consider your personal needs and tastes, the budget you have and what you envision your bathroom to be.