The time will be so wasteful if you do not keep yourself updated with the growth of technology. in this past years, human already taken a big step to make the world even better by creating and developing sophisticating devices. Each of them slowly used by people in their everyday life, as it can make people’s work easier. Until this moment, the development of such technology does not stop and will continue to give surprising outcome. Looking from that side, tech lovers are always find it exciting to know what the trend of the current year will be. If you are curious about it as well, this article will answer your curiosity by giving you the tech trend prediction for 2018.


1. Blockchain

Have you ever heard about this tech before? Well, for you who are still unfamiliar with it, blockchain is actually a decentralized cryptocurrency. This tech allows verification of records with no need of the presence of middleman. The use of cryptocurrency becomes a booming since 2017 on the transaction field. However, lately developer realized that it might serve better work as well outside financing field. That is why 2018 might be the time for this tech to start dominating other fields.

The development of blockchain then will also give big impact on bitcoin. Same as blockchain, bitcoin also allows the user to have verified transaction with no need of other human involvement. It is also more impervious of spoofing. Other important information, which you should know, is that when the block is corrupted, it does not mean the end. Other participants will still have the right copies of the block, which can prevent its use.

Blockchain is one useful tech to verify contractual terms. It is even possible for blockchain to execute them automatically under the terms and conditions of ‘smart contract’. As a result, this year is predicted to be the time for this tech to bloom. Combining with the cyber security, which lately gained its popularity in use, blockchain seems to be one tech trend prediction for 2018.


2. The upcoming of intelligent phone

For the past years, people are enjoying the help of smartphone. The development of smartphone also dominated the market, as it is welcomed warmly. However, it is predicted that 2018 will also become the end of smartphone. Well, it does not mean that this kind of devices will not be produced anymore. You should know that the idea of smartphone is actually a device, which can make people stay connected in ways besides the traditional call. When you look at nowadays development, smartphone is more than able to passed this limitation then grow into something even better. This change will eventually bring smartphone to start using the Artificial Intelligence (AI). Even though the way it works will not be different much, it may be appropriate to start calling these devices as intelligent phone.

As you can see, the development of AI also draws many developers’ attention. It is even predicted that AI will be implemented in mobile processor, making mobile devices capable of handling AI technology. As a result, people will be able to enjoy digital assistant for more as these kinds of devices will be able to fulfill people’s need only by listen to what they say.


3. Touch interface

Another tech trend prediction for 2018 is the touch interface, which is the most common tech used in many gadgets nowadays. However, many tech developers are now working to make more sophisticated technology to develop a touchless interface. If you follow the news of touchless interface, you must know about Alexa or Siri. Yup, both of them are two samples of virtual assistant. People can command them to do something simply by saying it, no need to rely on fingers and thumbs anymore. Other development of this tech, which is now under progress, is custom responses. This development put the major response of the virtual interface from people who is asking. However, there is still no further information about the succeed of this work.


4. Edge computing

Until this year, cloud computing is the most common tech used. Started from 2018, there is a big news that edge computing will appears to shake up the way we think about cloud computing. This tech allows processing power to be spread out over multiple numbers of computers. Until this point you might insist that it is not different much with cloud computing. Well, one thing you should know is that the sever of cloud computing is do not handle all the computing work on a single machine.

The reason of why edge computing will be the tech trend prediction for 2018 is because it is considered as more powerful than cloud computing. Even though cloud computing is powerful as well in fact it needs large streams of data operate which eventually will cause the computer to simply become too slow. Even though later cloud computing is combined with 5G tech, the result might not be as successful as edge computing.

You can take the following depiction to make it clearer. Simply imagine tat you are driving a car. On the way, you need to have a good decision on when to turn, stop, or to avoid hazards. If you have to take times as there is hiccup as data travels from the car to the central server in order to decide a good action, it would be wasteful. On the other hand, it will be better if instead your car can be the data center. It will make the computing even easier and better.

The work of this development certainly needs lots of hard work. Moreover, all along this time people already invested much time, energy, and of course money to make cloud computing. Therefore, the development of edge computing is still become tech trend prediction for 2018. Combined with the concept of Internet of Things or IoT, it is predicted that devices with this tech can learn better from the real world experiences, while at the same time does not become overload with the process.