For smooth and efficient pipeline performance, a correct valve is needed. Unfortunately, there are various types of valves that you can find on the market. Choosing the correct one would be a challenging task for you. However, if you want to get a smooth and efficient performance valve, we recommend Plug Valve Products. For that reason, here, you will learn more about this valve and what you can do with it.

How Does It Work?

A plug valve has one part that affects its performance. It is the plug that you can find inside the valve body. The plug has a hollow passage in the center part. Then, the actuator will operate how this plug operates. When you turn the handle with quarter-turn motion, it will create the position where the hollow passage and pipe face in the same direction. It is the open state where the liquid can run through it.

On the other hand, when you turn its handle 90-degrees, it will close the valve completely. Thanks to this simple method, you don’t need to use too much energy to close or open this valve. It improves its productivity and efficiency.

Plug Valve Usage

The plug valve is mostly used for commercial and light industrial applications. We can find a lot on the pipeline system that needs accurate flow control. Most of them also are the pipeline for gas or liquid fuels. With a plug valve, we can do many things, such as handling the flow, regulating the fluids, controlling the low-pressure and low-temperature.

The smooth design of that plug valve has also created minimal resistance to the flow inside the pipeline. Therefore, it doesn’t get damaged easily, which doesn’t need too much maintenance effort. That also means you can save more money for maintaining it.

The Different Types of Plug Valves

When you shop for Plug Valve Products in the store, you will find various types of plug valves you can buy. However, each of them has a different purpose and functionality. Below, you can learn more about that, and use them as a reference to choose the type that fit your application

–        Lubricated Plug Valves – this type is made of cast iron. Therefore, it is suitable for controlling the flow of corrosive materials. Furthermore, its smooth design also prevents any buildup to occur as well as clogged problems. However, you have to maintain this type regularly to ensure it works efficiently.

–        Non-Lubricated Plug Valves – This type has low maintenance needs. Therefore, if you want to install a valve in the pipeline at a difficult location, you can choose this plug valve type. You may not often visit and maintain that place. Therefore, by using this type, you can ensure that your pipeline will work well for a long time.

–        Expandable Plug Valves – this plug valve has a unique inside parts design that uses complex motion to operate. This design prevents any damage or wear on the seal. Thanks to that, you can create a good method to prevent product contamination in the application where you install this valve to. Furthermore, you also don’t need to use double isolation to create high-quality sealing.

–        Eccentric Plug Valves – This plug valve type is suitable for isolation and flows control purposes. Therefore, you can easily find it in sewage, slurries, air control, and other places. It also has a unique inside part. You can use it for the operation with minimal friction or higher seating force.

Before you choose the type of plug valves for your application, make sure you learn everything about them. If you are not confident with your knowledge and skill, you can always ask a professional to help you understand the plug valve type for your application.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Plug Valve


–        A perfect flow control valve,

–        High durability and fire safety,

–        It has large flow rates compared to other valve types.

–        Versatile (you can use it for various purposes).


–        It is not suitable for throttling applications,

–        There is a chance of a galling problem,

–        There is a chance that it can reduce the port because of the tapered plug design.


At this point, we believe that you already understand the basic and standard knowledge about plug valves. Now, you only need to find the best store where you can find and buy the best Plug Valve Products. So, find one now and enjoy its best performance!