Butterfly Valve Products often is considered the best choice than other types of valves. Many people use it for various applications and it performs quite well. Moreover, the butterfly valve also offers more advantages that you may not be able to find from other valves. Here, we have collected several benefits that you can get from this valve. Let’s see what they are.

Lightweight and Compact Size

The butterfly valve has an efficient gates design. Therefore, it doesn’t’ require too many spaces to operate. That also reduces the whole size of this valve. Thanks to this compact size, it is also much lighter weight than other valves.

It also is easy to install. The lightweight and compact size doesn’t require too much cost and equipment to put in your pipeline system. Moreover, you also don’t have to use more piping support. This efficiency put it on top of other valves in the same category.

It Doesn’t’ Require Too Much Maintenance 

The butterfly valve doesn’t have too many moving parts that operate its whole function. Therefore, you also don’t have to give it too much maintenance. You only need to provide regular treatment. And, even if you compare it with other valve maintenance times and costs, you will find out that butterfly valves need less than them.

Easy to Operate

It uses 90 degrees rotation handle. The lever design allows you to operate it without too much effort. The actuation mechanism only needs a bit of energy to fully open or close the valve. Moreover, it also works on the bigger size of butterfly valve that you can find on many factories or big plants pipeline. It has a gearbox to operate the handle and actuation. The gearbox produces more power and reduces the torque of the spin that required opening or closing the gates. Thus, it simplifies the operation of this valve.

Low Cost

The simple design and less material required to build this valve affect the cost you have to pay to get high-quality Butterfly Valve Products. The small butterfly valve may have similar prices to other valves of the same size. However, if you look at the bigger size product, you will know that you save a lot of money with butterfly valves.

Versatile Valve

You can find butterfly valves on various applications. It is easy to install and operate, which makes many people use it a lot. This valve even is suitable for the underground pipeline, which requires a more robust and durable valve.

Smoother Liquid Flow

The gate design doesn’t have extra spaces or pockets where the liquid can enter and disturb the flow inside the pipeline. Therefore, the flow of liquid is much smoother than other valves. With faster operation speed, this combination is a perfect choice for you.

Butterfly Valve Tips

Even though this valve has so many advantages, you have to properly install and maintain it. That way you can make it work well and keep its performance. Here are some butterfly valve installation and maintenance tips that you can use.

  • Make sure the valve stays in the close position when you install it. This will make the installation process much easier.
  • Follow the official installation instruction from its manufacturer. Do not attempt to install it by using the free guide from the internet or without instruction. You may damage and it could be not properly installed.
  • Choose the size and type of butterfly valve that is suitable for the type of application. It is necessary if you planned to use it to control the flow.
  • Make sure you choose the correct butterfly valves for your pipeline. There are two types you can choose from, which are clip-on and flanged. The clip-on is suitable for the space between two pipe flanges. The flange type is suitable when you want to connect the pipe flange by using bolts.
  • Make sure you install the butterfly valve to match the diameter direction of the pipe. That way, you can easily tell the handle direction when it is opened or closed. If you install it correctly, the handle will only move to 90 degrees, where 90 degrees is the open position of the valve.


That is everything that you need to know about butterfly valves. As you can see, this valve has so many advantages which make it valuable parts you can use on your pipeline system. Moreover, it is also affordable. It is a perfect choice for you who want to save money on Butterfly Valve Products.