A gate valve holds a significant role in a pipeline system as the part that controls the flow of the liquid. You can use other types of valves. However, the gate valve is still the best choice to create a firm and reliable flow controller. Now, to get that kind of benefit, there is one thing you should do. You have to choose the right Gate Valve Products for your pipeline system. For that reason, we already collected several designs and types of a gate valves that you can use as reference below.


This gate valve type has a specific cover that protects the internal parts. This cover is screwed into the valve body, which creates a leak-proof seal and protection. However, it is also removable, so you can easily maintain it. The bonnet type gate valve comes in various designs, such as:

  • Screw-in bonnets – It is the simplest design. It has small in size and is suitable for various purposes, especially for residential. This type of bonnet also has a leak-proof seal.
  • Union bonnets – it uses union nuts to keep the bonnet in place. This design keeps the leak-proof seal work all the time, even though you often remove it for maintenance.
  • Bolted bonnets – this design merge the bonnet and valve body with bolts. Thanks to this design, you can use it for higher pressure applications.
  • Pressure seal bonnets – this type of bonnet uses internal pressure to create the leak-proof seal. This type is also the best choice for high-pressure applications over 15MPa.


Like its name, you also can find various gates type in the gate valve. Each of them provides a different quality of sealing based on the application. Therefore, when you choose the correct gates part, you also get the best performance that you want. Here is the type of gates on gate valve:

  • Wedge gates – this gate is a perfect choice for you who want to have a gate valve that lasts longer. Its position allows it to operate smoothly without touching the seat part. Because of this less-touching situation, the gate will get less damage. It can last longer than your expectation.
  • Parallel slide gates – this gate is the standard design of most Gate Valve Products you can find on the market. It uses the parallel position to the seat, creating a tight seal and strong gate that can prevent and control the liquid flow in high pressure. Moreover, this gate type doesn’t use wedging action. That reduces the valve size and saves the production cost, which also makes its price a lot cheaper than other gate valves with different gates types.
  • Slab gates – this gate has a unique design that reduces pressure loss during its operation. Because of this capability, it is a perfect choice for the crude oil or natural gas liquids pipeline system. Furthermore, this design also prevents the buildup of material on the valve seats, which prolongs its life. However, most of the foreign material sticks on the disc cavity. Therefore, you should maintain that part regularly to prevent any performance loss.
  • Parallel expanding gates – it has a similar working system as the parallel slide gates. However, it uses two slab gates to provide the sealing that the valve needs. This type of gate is a perfect design for isolation valves function.
  • Knife gates – this design has a pointed gate that provides better sealing for thick fluids. Moreover, this design allows it to have an automatic cleaning feature. It is all because when you open or close the gates, the pointed gate will pass through the seat rings that remove all foreign material from it.

Stem Design   

The last part of a gate valve is the stem. This part allows the gate to open and close. In most gate valves, the gate will open when the steam spin. And, to spin the stem part, it uses a manual wheel or the machine powered/automatic stem.

There are two stem designs you can choose from here. You can choose the rising steam or known as Outside Screw and Yoke (OS&Y). This type has the thread fixed to the actuator. On the other hand, there is also a non-rising stem where the thread is fixed to the gate.


Those three main parts of the gate valve will help you to choose the product that matches perfectly with your pipeline or any application. Now, you only have to find a reliable provider that can give you the best quality Gate Valve Products you can buy.