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Right now we all are going through a weird time of quarantined life where social distancing has become a primary criterion to fulfill. Offices, schools, colleges, and other places of social gathering have been ceased for a while. Though the institutions are closed, the process cannot be ceased. Especially in this era of technological advancement, we are always a step ahead with having access to PC, Laptop, and iPads to reach to as many people as possible virtually, maintaining the social distance. All we need is to know about creating online videos for work and school.

1) Powtoon- When we are trying to work from home, say for teaching or interviewing, we need a lot of visual illustrations apart from words to explain our theories and chapters. And it always becomes better with animation videos and presentations. The use of animation engages the teacher and the students; explains the fact easily through a story. Powtoon has readymade templates that you can directly drag on the screen and make your video presentations. Also, you have the chance to customize the video templates and make your own according to your needs. But, you always need to update the app to get access to all the existing features.

2) Hippo-Video- Hippo-Video is an ‘all in one’ in the built app that takes care of everything from the beginning of the video to the end. The process includes the whole life-cycle of the video- create, edit, host, share, and track. As it is ‘in-built’ software, once you download it, it will get automatically updated with Google Classroom, Google Slides, Google Docs, Gmail, and Desire2Learn LMS. All you need is to just sign up for the site, and all other integrations come along with that.

3) Animoto- With the help of this app, you can turn and use photos and video clips into continuous videos and slideshows. This app is a great video tool for teachers but this app is mainly used by the teachers to create fund-raisers, event recaps, social media posts, announcements, and newsletters. In this app, you can make the video more interesting by choosing from the ready-made video styles followed by adding music, text, and then converting them into videos. Also, for the students, this app is of great help to create portfolios, student reports, classroom presentations, photo essays, book reports, and many other assignments.

4) Flixtime- Sometimes, at the end of an elaborate online session, there you need a quick wrap up to encapsulate the whole essence of the video; a quick recap of the chapter taught through the video with important points. For that, Flixtime is a great app where you can create custom and production quality videos with texts and images. For the quick recap in 60 seconds video, this app is ideal. There is an Audio-Micro app to provide the users’ access to individual music, but that part isn’t that much necessary for the video making. It is an app that can be used both for personal use and for independent commercials as well.

5) Screenr- With this best video editing app for Android, you can screen capture and annotate easily. Instead of using pointer or arrows to what you are willing to explain, here, you can just type the comment on the side panels next to the screenshot and share them. Among the formats, it supports only PNG form. And once your annotation is done, you can upload the screenshot to get a shareable link.

6) Webinria- Webinria is one of those downloadable screen-cast tools with the help of which you can capture your screen activity and provide a ‘picture-in-picture’ video by adding your webcam. This is more used for office purposes of WFH, but one can also use it for school teaching, especially for Science classes. You need to upload the video in Flash format to the web. And then you can alter the screen space from your active window to a customized area, adjusting the recoding quality- sound and editing the audio and webcam properties. As you can host all your videos free to receive ratings, comments, and recommendations-it is considered to be one of the most effective apps to edit videos for free.

7) CamStudio- It is downloadable software that allows you to record your screen along with the audio, producing AVI or SWF output formats. It has features of adding extra annotations like adding text, inserting callouts, and more. The downside of this video tool is that there are no video recording editing options. There are video editing options like control compression, frame rates, quality, and time-lapses, but these are too complicated to handle for the non-technical users.

The Internet and Computer have made our life easier and productive even in crisis times. Above are the top 7 video tools to create videos online.    

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