Improve your finances, see a slightly bigger plus in your account at the end of the month and worry a little less about spending so you don’t have to turn every cent – the job is not always enough to feel financial security and enough income to have. The idea of making extra money on the side is therefore widespread. The good news: there are a number of ways to make extra money on the side. But all of them require time, energy and the willingness to get up and take action in your free time

That is why; I will now be present 7 ways of making extra money on the Internet.

7 ways to make extra money on the Internet:
Before I present the different options, I would like to point out again that this is not about sources of income that you can live on in a short time. Apart from the fact that this is not so easy anyway, the following tips are intended for everyone who really wants to earn a little money on the side without much effort.

This is not a long-term business model, and it will not make you bigger sums, but many are happy about a little more money.

  1. Writing texts
    If you like to write have good general knowledge, and also like to deal with new topics, writing texts is a good and quick way to earn something on the Internet.

A platform such as Fiverr has specialized in precisely this activity and offers the possibility of earning something extra by writing texts. The earning opportunities are not very high, especially at the beginning, but you get a fair amount of remuneration. Later you can earn even more if you have a lot of satisfied regular customers and are recommended.

  1. Small services
    The market for small services online is booming. This is, of course because many simply want to earn a few euros, but the clients also appreciate that motivated contractors are available for small tasks.
    You certainly won’t get rich with this (like none of the tips in this article), but for now and then these platforms offer small jobs to earn a little extra.
  2. Advertise family and friends In
    addition to classic, affiliate programs that explicitly exclude the advertising of friends or family members.
    This “Affiliate Marketing light” is of course particularly suitable for those who have a large circle of friends and are happy to recommend products. However, you should be careful here and not want to turn everything on to everyone. Otherwise, you quickly have a few friendships.
    This type of source of income is well suited for everyone who passes on recommendations anyway, and is very contact-friendly.
  3. Affiliate Marketing

Of course you can also do proper affiliate marketing on the side. You don’t even need your own website. In the meantime, almost all partner programs can also be used on third-party platforms such as Facebook or YouTube. If you are already very active there and publish content, you can earn something with additional built-in affiliate links.

Of course, you should be careful not to overdo it and only use thematically appropriate affiliate links. Current offers have proven successful in the past, because who is not happy when you can save something.

Depending on the reach of your own profile, you can actually earn a lot of money in this way, but mostly it’s a small extra income.

  1. Selling on eBay
    This is not a professional shop on eBay, but private sales. Each of us has things in closets or under the bed that he or she no longer needs. Unfortunately, many finditdifficult to part with it, even though they haven’t looked at it in ages. I know that very well myself.

You can quickly turn this dead capital into money on eBay. Simply take a picture and insert a neat description, and you’re ready to go.

Selling your own things is of course not a permanent source of income, but before you drag some things around with you, you can get some money for it.

  1. Selling your own products
    Do you have a craft hobby and like to make your own products? Why dont you sell them online?
    Platforms like Amazon or eBay offer exactly this possibility. Here you can post and sell your own creations without technical know-how or any other effort.

Of course, you should stir the advertising drum a little and like everywhere good photos are very helpful, but otherwise they are probably the best platforms for creative people. There are even people who make a living from selling their product on these websites, even if that takes a while.

  1. Answering surveys
    Surveysare one of the earnings opportunities on the Internet that I only recommend to a limited extent. There is now the possibility to earn a few euros per answer to the survey, but of course that is not really lucrative or permanent.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of platforms online that offer exactly that. If you really only want to earn a few euros now and then, paid surveys are worth a look.