During the problem of COVID-19 and lockdowns, the demands of electronic gadgets have been increased. Its reason is very simple that people require some technology gadgets for their time pass as they can’t go outside due to the problems caused by COVID-19.  So, we are writing this guide about how to choose a good and top-rated gaming laptop for college students. Also, don’t miss this post about the great laptops for school and gaming. Anyways, let’s jump towards the primary part of the discussion.

Random Access Memory, Display Quality, Graphics Card, LCD/LED Length, and Cooling Systems are some core factors that I will consider while shortlisting a gaming laptop for my needs. You need to remember that a gaming laptop is a bit different from a device that is used for the streaming.

Some Important Factors to Consider:


Without any doubt, your budget would be the primary factor that decides which product you are going to buy. Although gaming laptops also starts from a rage of 500 USD but on that budget, you may have to compromise on some factors. I will recommend a budget of at least 1000 US Dollars if you are looking to buy a perfect gaming laptop with backlit keyboard. The accessories that are used in the gaming device are always expensive as compared to the normal devices.

Graphics Card:

For me, the foremost factor that differentiates an ordinary laptop from a gaming laptop is a graphics card. You can also say that a good graphics card is the soul of the laptop that you are going to use for the purpose of gaming. So, you can’t ignore its quality. Try to buy a device having a good graphics card along with other factors. So, you can have good and smooth gaming experience.


RAM is a volatile memory that is called “Random Access Memory”. It can play a vital role in the running speed of your device. That’s why for gaming deice 16GB of Ram is recommended. There are many games available that have a requirement of at least 8 GB of RAM. So, along with a graphics card and fast RAM is also mandatory for you.

Cooling System:

There are some high-end graphics games that can heat up your laptop to a great extent. This excess of heat can damage your laptop. So, before shortlisting a laptop for the purpose of gaming, just make sure that it has a good cooling system. Although, there are many extra products that are available in the market to cool down your device. But, your own laptop should have a cooling system too.

Our Final Conclusion:

So, we have shared some top-most factors that you should consider before purchasing a gaming laptop for your needs. Don’t buy a low-quality laptop to save you money. If your goal is to buy a laptop just for the purpose of gaming, you might an investment of up to 1000 UD Dollars. Also, you might find a good device within a range of 700 to 800 USD, but it’s good to have a budget of slight up to 1000. I hope that after reading these tips, you will be able to select a top-rated gaming device for your needs.