Do you have Amazon Prime membership? Have you ever call the Amazon Prime Support Number and ask for help? If you have experienced using their customer service, you must understand why Amazon is famous for its best customer service. In fact, this company has a unique mission that you won’t find in other companies, which is “to be Earth’s most customer-centric company.”  And, we can learn several lessons from that.

Their Commitment to the Customer

Amazon always focuses its service on customer experience. Therefore, they always listen to what customer needs and wants. The customer opinion isn’t mere data for this company. It’s a guideline to create a service that can please their customer. This is what makes them rise to the top of today’s industry. And, their customer is also very satisfied with their service.

The Unique Corporate Culture

Amazon has a unique corporate culture. They build a culture where they capable of listening to other people (customer) needs or problem and providing the solution for that. It applied to all employees, regardless of their position. So, whether you are just entering the company or you are top brass, you have to attend the call-center training and deal with what customer need through that calling service.

The DIY Service

The customer service applied to Amazon isn’t always the service they provide through Amazon Customer Service Phone Number. But, how they build their online store also act as the help for their customer. Or, it’s well-known as the DIY customer service.

The design of the store allows the customer to find what they need faster. If they can’t find the product or they have a question about the service or product, there is a system that allows them to find the answer and solution faster within the website.

This unique design will help the customer to feel more satisfied because they can find what they need by themselves. Of course, Amazon always provides their contact number for the customer who wants to ask directly to the expert at the end of the phone line. But, many of us just don’t want to be bothered by that and prefer to look for the solution ourselves, right? That’s what Amazon offers with this unique design.

The Forum

Forum also becomes a nice addition and supports for the Amazon customer service. Through the Amazon forum, customer can ask anything that they want. Then, other customers that have experience in the topic that was asked by other customers can answer and provide the solution.

The Courage to Apologies

This is one of the best lessons you can get from Amazon, especially this company CEO and founder, Jeff Bezos. Whenever this company makes a mistake that inflicts some damage to their customer, they will issue public apologies and fix that mistake.

One of the best examples of this case is the illegal book for the Kindler case in 2009. At that time, Amazon suddenly removes one of series of book that was published in 1984 from Kindle store. Many Kindle users confused with this decision. Then, Amazon issued an apology and clarification regarding this case. After that, the CEO, Jeff Bezos, also do the same with a more personal apology letter. Many users appreciate this move and forget the problem. They become even closer to Amazon and keep using their service.

This example shows that Amazon treats their customer like a human being, not just a money source. That way they can create a closer and stronger relationship with their customer. In the end, they got more customers and a loyal customer which become the foundation of this company growth. This is one of the best parts of their customer service that satisfy their customer.


Basically, the Amazon customer service isn’t only a team that will answer your question whenever you call theAmazon Phone Number. It is a system that can solve all kinds of problems that the customer has. And, it uses all the resources that Amazon has in order to provide that solution, which is coming from the phone line and customer service team. Plus, there is also another method mentioned above. All of these designs have one purpose, which is giving the best experience for the customer that use Amazon service.