If you are reading this article, you must know what Amazon’s Firestick is. This inexpensive Fire TV Stick performs better if you jailbreak it!

It works as a USB key and you can carry it with you wherever you go. You can also plug it into your TV’s HDMI port. So, you will not require any power source externally. And with the help of it you can enjoy movies, free content, and television shows from the internet. 

Does it make sense to jailbreak your firestick

If you have an Amazon Fire TV stick, you can enjoy HDMI-enabled TV that streams content from Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix to name just a few. However, you have to shell out some dollars for enjoying the services since it is subscription based. 

Once you jailbreak your firestick you will be able to access Kids entertainment shows, Flicks, various TV shows, and TV channels live. 

It really does not make sense in buying a device that is hacked from a vendor that could make you susceptible to different viruses and applications like Trojan. You could jailbreak the Amazon Fire TV stick all by yourself. 

It is legal since the device belongs to you and you have the liberty to make changes to the same. However, what is not legal is if you try to stream content that is copyrighted without seeking permission. Under such circumstances, piracy laws will apply. So, do not opt for illegal ways to stream content.

Instructions to jailbreak your firestick- Step by stepguide

Check out these steps that can help you to perform the jailbreak-

  1. Here, we will discuss about downloading Kodi. What is Kodi? It is an open-source software application that is made use of in smartphones, computers, and smart TVs. These devices can play media of various types. 
  2. When you install Kodi, it allows you to create a personal app of your own along with your own content. You will be able to access content from various sources. Remember, you will not get Kodi from the app store, however, you can make use of the Kodi if you have your Amazon Fire TV stick. And there is no better device other than Fire TV Stick to install Kodi. 
  3. Their compatibility can be attributed to the fact that both (Fire TV Stick and Kodi) are Android based platforms. Also, since Kodi is not expensive, it is the most sought-after. 
  4. You must change the system setting of Fire TV stick to allows other apps. 


Home Screen-?Settings-? Select My Fire TV-? Developer Options-?Switch on Apps from unknown source


  1. Downloader installed on Fire TV Stick

Your Apps and Channels Screen-?Home button from your remote for few seconds-? Click on Apps-? Select Downloader-? Click Download and wait, install-? Click Open to launch. 

  1. Open Downloader app-? type in http://kodi.tv/download> Go-? Green Android Robot-? Select .apk file-? Download Kodi APK file-? Click on Install so that automatically the Downloader gets installed-? On confirmation-? Click on Done
  2. For optimum performance you must configure Kodi to access media

Once you have installed Kodi after you jailbreak your firestick, you are ready to enjoy content of your favorite genre. 

In fact, the options that firestick offers after jailbreak are many. By doing so, you can keep at bay excessive costs related to accessing content which might be full of viruses and malware. 

In order to enjoy enhanced and upgraded viewing experience, install Kodi after jailbreak your firestick without further delay.