Do you want to download videos from Instagram Online and not miss the contents of your accounts? If you are here, I am sure that on some occasions, you have wanted to save individual files on your device (mobile, PC, or Mac) to see them later.

And, every day, more people discover what Instagram is and what its enormous potential is. Just like it finds, the thousands of Apps and tools that a user has to improve the quality or apply filters and visual effects to their visual content.

This is one of the main reasons for this article: to help you download videos from Instagram Online speedily and efficiently, both from your PC and your Mac.

Can I download videos from Instagram without using tools?

No, you can’t download without an Instagram video downloader. A while ago, it was possible to download them manually, through a series of commands and a combination of clicks on areas of your Timeline. Unfortunately, now we must help ourselves with external tools.

The classic trick began with a right-click on the Clip itself and opened it in a new window, to add in the URL. Currently, if you do this, the new window will show you: “cannot connect.”

This makes us think that the platform itself has blocked this manual functionality. However, read on, since there are tools that can help us achieve what you came here to look for.

How can I download videos from Instagram Online or PC or Mac?

Having clarified this detail, let’s go now to see how to get hold of all the audiovisual content we want sharing on this social network.

To do this, follow these simple steps that you must perform within the online tools that I will show you below. And to make this tutorial more practical, I will take as an example this content from my account:

1. Instadownloaderpro

Instadownloaderpro is a website dedicated exclusively to download all kinds of content from this social network: photos, videos from advertisements, and even from the Stories of other users.

You can put your URL in the download box. Once you click on the “Download” button of instadownloaderpro, then your video will be downloaded automatically

2. Downgram

Again, the online tools to download Instagram videos from PC or Mac make it easy for us.

And is that Downgram is another Web application to have them in just three clicks and save them in the folder on your computer your wants.

Likewise, if you need to have an image of this social network locally, you can also get it, just by adding your exact URL in Downgram.

3. Insta Downloader

From the official Insta Downloader page, very similar to the previous ones, you can also download videos from Instagram Online in 2 clicks.

Here you must also paste the link in question, click on “Download” and then recognize the content. At the bottom, you have another “Download video” button which, when pressed, will open this one in a new tab.

It is then where, with the right button of your mouse, you must click on “Save video as,” to obtain it in MP4 format.

4. Instagram downloader

Just by seeing the name of this tool, we intuit what it is for. But it is not only the name that is intuitive, but just by entering its page; you will be able to intuit how it works: paste the URL of the multimedia file you want to obtain and click on “Download MP4 “.

Also, knowing that this is the extension in which you can later view the clips, you ensure that they are compatible with any type of device on which you play them locally.

Moreover, if you are not a social media user, and you don’t want to access profiles and feeds of other accounts from your profile, you can simply use Gramvi as it serves to be the best platform to access official accounts and you can enjoy updated feeds about anything you want!