Mobile home leveling and anchoring are vital items to look at when considering buying a manufactured home. People generally ask how often, if at all, do they need to re-level their house. Another aspect of the house is whether or not it is sufficiently tied-down or anchored. Most of the advises on anchoring and leveling are tied to how well the home was installed to start with.


Many people do not know what re-leveling is or the significance of it. Manufactured homes and mobile home re-leveling service are all set up basically the same. The house is built on a steel frame. The wheels and axils that are used to transport the home are linked to the bottom of this frame. Once the house is set where it is to be located, the home is leveled out with hydraulic jacks, then steel piers or concrete are located under the steel frame to keep it safe. The wheels are generally removed. The steel piers or concrete blocks sit on the dirt. In the Southwest America there is no concrete slab that the home sits on. The producers do not need it. Because the house is sitting on earth, and because of its weight, it will settle. If a house is ground set or it has skirting, they are all set up, under the home, the right same. All manufactured homes or mobile homes need to be re-leveled. If a house is out of level, it can lifted with same type of hydraulic jack system that was used to set it up. To maintain the level, we advise the home have the piers or supports tightened or adjusted every 3-5 years.

Some signs are clear the home is out of level. The doors do not latch or they rub, the skirting is bent or buckling, there are cracks in the ceiling or walls, or you feel like you are walking downhill to title just a few. It is top to maintain the level of your house then wait for these things to happen. Lifting a manufactured home or mobile home with a hydraulic jack that weights 15,000 – 40,000 lbs is much more costly then going under the home every 3-5 years maintaining the level make strong all the supports. There is also the cost to repair these issues. DURASKIRT are professionals in this area.


Anchoring is a home is the most vital aspect to pay focus to. Most homes sitting on lots are considered to be anchored rightly due to radical changes in the standards that were set in the mid 2000s. there are lot of houses that pre-date this change. The old way of thinking about anchoring was to save the homes from the uplifting forces of tornadoes. Data over the last few decades present the danger likes in horizontal forces coming from in-line winds. Engineers are now designing anchoring system to not just save from uplifting forces but simultaneously saving from horizontal forces. If your house was installed in the mid 2000s or later, you most likely need your home checked by a licensed mobile home installer and have an assessment done.

Roof coating

Mobile homes are built within 2 types of roof, shingle or metal. Metal roofs need to be saved with an elastomeric roof coating. This coating, which is generally white, can indefinitely extend the life of the roof. It will also decrease the interior temperature by several degrees in the hot months. Roof re-coating should be performed every 3-5 years.

Whether you are considering buying a pre-owned home or are finally addressing old concerns with your existing house, a licensed and qualified company who expert in the installation of mobile homes should be contacted for an inspection.