Whenever you need content translated, the first stage is to request a translation quotation. This is a vital step to make sure the level of service you choose meets your needs. Translation prices are determined by a variety of factors such as:

  • the source and the target language,
  • the translation field
  • the complexity of the text
  • the delivery deadline

Translation agencies try to bring out the best possible solutions for their clients. If you want to get a translation quotation for your documents, these can be any documents, your personal certificates, academic documents, or legal documents. You can verify the price quote by calling their toll-free number. You can also e-mail them the document and get a quick response with the estimated price of your translation; the fastest of all methods is, though, live chat. Here, the project managers are ready to assist you with any issues in regards to your translation. You will have to send the copy of the document, and they give you your translation quotation right there and then. Some agencies apply this method for general translations only.

If you want to get a translation quote for a certified translation, you can get it by the notarized and certified word count translation tool. This tool has been mainly designed to facilitate the clients and save their time. It has an inbuilt function which counts the words and provides you a price quote right away by taking into the record all your requirements. This saves your time.

Why Is It Important to Get Translation Quotation?

When requesting for translation prices make sure you describe all your translation requirements. For instance, define if you need the ultimate text to be formatted if you want keyword research, SEO optimized translation, proofreading, localization or other additional services.

When translating a technical or scientific text it usually is suitable to use a word-for-word translation, but make sure to request your translation agency to localize the text if you are translating marketing content, publication, literary translation or related sorts of text.

In this states, we speak about localization preferably than general translation because the content needs to be re-written in the target language to make it appear as if it was originally written in that language rather than translated.

Make sure to define to your language service providers the plan of your translation so that they can maintain the style of the translation.

Determining a translation quotation is not a simple method. It’s not something like one sits down and immediately estimate a costing! Offering a translation quotation for a client can be quite time-consuming because it takes a comprehensive analysis of the material in question to make a budget that is as accurate as possible, in addition to avoiding both surpluses and exclusions.

All the conditions as asked by the client must be factored into the estimates because failure to do this will generate problems in-as-much-as the client will probably decline to pay the difference in prices, and of course, the resources will not accept to work for free.

The agency concerned, or the individual translator who plans the budget must have enough time to create an accurate quotation by merely discovering all the steps that the content must pass through during the translation process. In examining this material, they will need to –

  • Determine the type and amount (if any) of any repetitions;
  • If there is a reason of urgency about the particular project, then they must decide the duration of delivery for the work because urgent projects can influence the rate;
  • The cost of processing images must be considered, both for the layout work and any text in images;
  • Determine the difficulty of the document to select the appropriate professionals for each phase of the translation;
  • Examine the translation project regarding language combination, because some languages have very few specialists proficient in working with them; and
  • With the absolute precision, they must count the total number of words. For a simple translation, the word count is done automatically, but some problems must be acknowledged that could confuse the equation. With specific translation projects it’s not likely to count all of the material in the budget stage, and with these cases the client should, at the very least, send a typical sample of the whole project for the agency, or translator, to learn the essential steps.

Then finally, the quotation determined by the account manager; the person liable for handling the link with the client; and the Project manager who creates the budget, selects the appropriate resources, organizes the specific steps of the project and is also useful for the final product that’s ultimately delivered to the client; must be considered.

Is This Free?

Yes, almost every translation agency provides the translation quotation completely free!