Day porters play important role in keeping your business runs smoothly. They are often considered as unseen heroes of a public facility. They support your company by providing images of your business facility and make sure that all of the people in your office feel contented. Where to find day porter service that will be perfect the most for your business?

Day Porters: Who Are They?

Day porter services commonly conducted during busy times. Those who work as porters have specific duties to monitor safety and cleanliness around public. They can act as facility managers for your business that provide invaluable services. The porters will help you to keep clean your facilities and maintain them in good repairs. They will do vital services and well trained. The porters you hire can work to help you answer common questions, provide customers service functions, as well as give directions. They will also function as a daytime cleaning service with a lot of benefits. They will be there for you when it is impossible for your employees to do their jobs in the nights or during off – hours. The porters are important supporters to help your run your business easily and smoothly. There are common locations where day porters do their jobs include retail stores, hotels and motels, offices, food courts, transportation sites, convention centers, arenas, and event venues. Meanwhile, the common services provided by the day porters include lobby maintenance, meeting setup/ tear down, removing trash and debris, monitoring and servicing rooms, restroom restocking, and cleaning common areas such as patios, cafeterias, and kitchens. However, the exact tasks of the day porters will depend on specific maintenance needed in your company. They commonly work among your employees without really seen as you contract them. That makes will be beneficial the most for your business.

How to Know What You Really Need from the Day Porters?

To get to know on what you really need from the day porters you would like to hire, the first thing you should do is identifying type of daytime help that will be useful most for your business. You need to find day porter service that can create real value to their clients. They should be able to do things beyond normal things such as keeping your office’s front glass door smudge free and clean. Moreover, your budget should also be another thing to put into consideration. It will always be useful to keep your facility on track only by using small budget.

Create a Schedule of Duties with Your Cleaning Company

The next thing you should think well after finding the idea of what you should do with your day porters, it comes the time to work together with your cleaning company to create a schedule of duties. This is very important for you to do that in order to flesh out what you actually need from your day porter. By establishing the schedule, you will be able to know what really expected from the porters. In this way, it will make it possible for you to figure out the most ideal porter to maintain your facility. Together with the cleaning company, you can make schedule of duties and job descriptions to keep everyone in your environment on their track. Not only that, you will also be able to evaluate the success of the program you make for the day porters by working together with the cleaning company.

Since the day porter is the important extension of your staffs, you need to find the ones that are a good fit. They should be able to show helpfulness tendency and positive attitude to give real plus to their jobs. You should keep in mind that the day porter service providers should understand the urgency to find a good fit for your business facilities. Not only that, the service agent should also be able to provide basic needs such as great teams, vetting, hiring, interviewing, and attracting. The contractor you hire should conduct the background checks of the porters include drug testing and criminal records. All of this background checking is very needed since the porters will work among your employees so that you have to find reasons to trust them. There is also one thing that you should remember well. The best cleaning company to hire should conducts of the basic mentioned previously as well as go beyond that. The cleaning company should be able to figure out the great fit that will not only beneficial the most for you but also for the facility you have.