We are fast entering into a world of streaming services. Sitting in the comfort of our homes, we can watch the best movies and sporting events. While there are many service providers who offer these streaming services, there are basically two names which stand out and they are Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. There are other names also like Spotify, Mubi or Sky’s Movie. Hence there is no dearth of service providers as far as movie watching and sports watching options are concerned.

However, there is a need for a suitable TV streaming box to watch these movies and sporting events. These should be compatible with the various android TV boxes. Technology today also has enabled replacement of streaming boxes with sticks which are also suitable both for 4K and HD. With many options and choices being available choosing the right streaming boxes and sticks would require some bit of knowledge and information. We are sharing some tips which we believe will help readers to choose the right sticks and TV streaming boxes.

What You Expect From These Boxes And Sticks

At the end of the day the quality of streaming boxes and sticks would depend on the type of imaging and services you are expecting on your TV. If you are satisfied with the basic services and are not too bothered about resolution or specs, then you could well settle for a streaming stick that comes at a bargain price. These will be able to help you watch those favorite movies and sporting events but if you are connoisseur for finer details then you may have to look for something more expensive and sophisticated.

Do You Want The Best Of 4K Streaming

On the other hand if you are very particular about the quality 4K Netflix streaming then you will have to move beyond the basics. Though there could be some entry model sticks and boxes supporting 4K, you will have to look at other options.

Are they futuristic or will they become obsolete over a few years or perhaps even months? Further will they be able to support options which are required for gaming activities. Will they be able to transmit the best of sound reproductions? Answering these questions might lead to spending big money.

Be Aware Of The World Of Apple TV

If you are keen on making things easy and simple, you could perhaps go in for the high end Apple TV. It well and truly can turn your TV into one big smart home hub. However, here also you must make your choice after careful evaluation. You have to take into account the other kits you have in the house and be sure that they are connected to the Apple TV and its other ecosystems.

Android TV And Its Journey Forward

Technology in TV streaming boxes is always in a flux and the renewed vigor with which Android TV is coming would certainly have quite a few exciting things going forward. You could have hybrid sound bars associated with TV powers. Hence you already have players like JBL and Google who have talked about Link Bars.

It basically is a sound bar which has both Android TV and Google Assistant built into it. There is no denying the fact that is has one of the best and robust ecosystem which could be way forward for most well known streaming apps on Android platforms.

Is Your Broadband Good Enough

There is no point spending big money on 4K and HD sticks and streaming boxes if it is not supported by quality broadband. No high definition streaming will work unless the speed of the broadband is at least 10 Mbps. The higher the better. In fact it would be pertinent to mention that FCC has recently revised its broadband requirement definition to around 25 Mbps.

There are a few things you must bear in mind as far as broadband is concerned. Even with the best of broadband speeds it is quite possible that the picture might be a bit hazy and blurred for the first few minutes. If the quality of sticks or streaming boxes is good, the picture quality will improve after a lapse of two or three minutes. Further, if you are connecting via WiFi please be sure that the router is of good quality.

To sum it up, the technology pertaining to TV streaming boxes is evolving and changing fast. Hence, you must be abreast with the latest happenings. Additionally, the quality of broadband and wi-fi connection should also be factored.