If you are like me when it comes to all things technical and not knowing anything about what to do if something goes wrong, then you are more than likely wearing that blank facial expression that I do when someone mentions computers.

I run at the first sound of lights blinking or when it’s making any noises that I know doesn’t sound right.  Whenever any of these things happen especially when I am alone, I panic and phone a friend right away.

But thankfully this is now becoming a thing of the past.

For starters, we decided to invest in a decent quality laptop for work and projects. We have also done some research into companies who specialize in all things IT and helping you get things done in the home or at the office efficiently and, the right way the first time around.

You ideally want a company that will take care of you and your needs in a tailored manner suited to bring out the best in you. In addition, you want someone to guide you in the right direction and advise you when things are not as smooth as you might like them to be.

Take the time to do the homework, research the local or recommended businesses so that you have the professionals at a simple phone call away.

To see more about this topic and to know who provides all these top-quality service features, try to check out sites such as  http://www.intellicomp.net and what they can offer you. Find a company that can take care of your IT needs and problems. It is such a relief when you know that someone knows what they are doing.


5 Advantages of using an IT tech support firm.

There are skeptics out there who believe that getting assistance from professionals is just a way of throwing your money at people who can do such things just by watching YouTube videos, this is not the case. Most of those who tried doing things when they don’t have the knowledge or even not knowing the basics fails. So what’s in it for you when your hire an IT tech support firm?

  • It is a big world out there, you want to reach as many potential clients as possible. A firm who knows how to get you there can be that step that excels your business and brand to heights you only dreamed of, but that can now become your reality.
  • Cost-effective. Making your brand online significantly reduces the need for large office premises or escalated salaries to compensate for travel fees. Staff can be in their homes and working remotely whilst still proving the services you need to successfully run the company, it’s a win-win.
  • Marketing benefit. The world has become all about social media, platforms popping up all over the place it’s tricky to keep up. It does mean, however, it is that much easier to target a specific demographic relating to services or products you offer and it can take a simple like or repost by an influencer, and Bob’s your uncle.

For a great article on how social media can help your business click here and see some interesting ideas, you may not have considered when it comes to product or brand advertising. There is always a new method or innovative idea to increase brand awareness, keeping up with trends in the job of an IT tech company, especially when it benefits your company.

  • Resource sharing. The great thing about working online is that information is accessible at the touch of a button, you can share projects and ideas with the team and staff without having to wait for them to come to the office. Virtual conference rooms make meetings quick and easy and you save hours of work by doing it over the internet.
  • Security. This is a major factor in any company, IT firms can backup and recover lost data due to hackers or trawlers on the net, accident protection for those unpredictable instances of power outages, or human error. Keeping your company safe is a top priority.

How to choose an IT company.

There are a few basic and essential elements to consider when deciding on an IT firm to hire, features that should come standard regarding their services and customer care.

When ‘shopping’ around look for companies that offer services you feel will most benefit your brand and the goals you are hoping to achieve by bringing them in. Look into the works they have provided for other clients, read reviews on jobs they have completed for projects or events, and if possible, get recommendations from satisfied customers.

A quick impression can be found by browsing their website, is it easy to use, comprehendible, can you navigate through the departments and sections without becoming frustrated? This will give you an indication of how things may be handled when they take on your requirements.

A big deciding factor for most things in life is the price, are you going to pay with an arm and a leg to get the service you need? Discuss rates and costs upfront, ensure everyone is on the same page at the end of the consultation or meeting and this will ensure no hidden surprises down the line.

It can be daunting bringing in an outsourced specialist but is it not safer to leave things in the hands of the professionals than asking John the neighbor to bring over his laptop and you work together via DIY videos? Save yourself the headache and do it right the first time around.