5X Range Booster

Comcast Routers spread across America, and millions of people have subscribed to the Internet, Home phone and Digital cable TV. The country does not matter when it comes to internet speed and boosting the download speed. Millions of people suffer from lower bandwidth and speed, despite getting a high-speed connection.

Improving Comcast router speed is no big deal because it does have the same components used in a Wi-Fi router. Users with basic knowledge can work on the Wi-Fi router to increase the overall speed. Currently, I have a broadband connection with Wi-Fi as well and the bandwidth consumed by the router.

We are going to suggest the customers or users solve download and upload speed of the broadband with simple solutions.

  1. Check Download + Upload Speed via Cable

Internet consumers have to identify the culprit by finding out the bottleneck in the system. Anyone can do it by finding the cable download and upload speed. In my case, the Wi-Fi router is the bottleneck, and I don’t get promised speed at all.

Step 1: In this case, we are going to SpeedTest by Ookla. Visit the website and click on GO to start testing the overall speed via a cable connection. Do not run any devices in the background and make sure to close all windows in the browser expect SpeedTest.

Check Download and Upload Speed - 1

Step 2: Now, we have the results from cable connection internet speed.

Check Download and Upload Speed - 2

In the second test, we have run via Comcast Wi-FI router to check the bottleneck.

The below image was taken in the second test to understand the internet speed sacrificed by the Wi-Fi router.

Check Download and Upload Speed - 3

I have run multiple tests in the second one because we have to make sure that the Wi-Fi router is the bottleneck in the process. You cannot conclude that the Comcast Router is the culprit.

I have shared Cable and Wi-Fi router speed results above, and they both are coming from the same network. No one can make up the excuses on it, and I cannot deny that I am happier with cable internet.

Note: The above results are common among budget Comcast routers and regular Wi-Fi router. However, it is not common for high-end routers with higher frequency. Also, if you get less download and upload shown above, then contact the customer care.

  1. Buy Boosters

There are so many products available in the web market related to the boosters. Many manufacturers release the products in the market expecting to increase the Wi-Fi range. Customers can increase the Wi-Fi range by connecting a booster.

5X Range Booster

Boost Comcast router speed by replacing the stock antenna with the aftermarket product, which can provide an extra range. Every expensive router does not offer the same range, and the connection loss is a common factor in budget routers.

By spending less than $10, customers can boost the Wi-Fi range up to 5X times without buying a new one. These boosters improve the overall signal strength, and you can get better results without spending money on a new one.

  1. Update Software

Manufacturers work on the software all the time to provide better performance on the existing routers. The software update or firmware update adds greater value to the old routers because it fixes bugs and offers a stable environment.

Firmware updates do not impact the hardware performance at all, but it will utilize the components abilities efficiently. A wrong software update can cause incorrect configuration leading to bricking the router. Make sure to read the manual properly to avoid such a disastrous attempt.

  1. Turn off additional connected devices

We have millions of manufacturers in the world creating new devices daily, and the brands convinced to buy them as well. We have companies like Sony Ericsson launching a new device at an expensive device with several software and hardware problems.

In the same fashion, Wi-Fi routers may have the standard branding, but it does not meet the expectations of the customers. There are several branded routers in the market, but they cannot handle multiple connected devices request at the same time.

In such cases, users have to compromise on the connected devices and proceed to disconnection of extra devices. The overall performance improves when the Wi-Fi has very fewer devices connected to the same network at the same time.

  1. Defected Router

There is no such as perfect in this world, and manufacturers seal defected pieces to release in the market. Manufacturers have “return or policy” to make up for the damaged goods or product. Contact the Comcast customer care to replace the defected router without paying a single penny.


Comcast Router Speed improvement process may seem lengthy, but we can enjoy greater upload and download speed by resolving the issue. Let us know which solution has helped you solve the Comcast Wi-Fi router speed issues in the comment section below.