If you feel confused when dealing with the fundamentals of database systems while you dedicate yourself to the development of a program then you must realize that this might continue. For information, life in the programming world can be compared to what is called the myth of Sisyphus. This is a myth that concludes that no matter how far you learn something, you may have to continue to learn new things (which are related to something you learn).

From the paragraph above we can conclude that the world of programming is a very dynamic world. But one thing you must realize! No matter how dynamic the programming world is, there is always technology that never changes. That technology may not shine in the world fashion week showcase development but it is in fact very important. That technology is what is called SQL. This is a programming language that we will discuss in this article. This is a strategic language that has a big influence on every profession in the world of programming.

Great influence? Why? The following points will explain everything!

First of all, to become a SQL developer you must be able to answer certain database interview questions. This is basic capital before you move on to the next steps. But to shorten the time, here are the reasons why being a SQL developer is important for your career in the programming world. Hopefully, this guide can motivate you to become a SQL developer

1. You will always find SQL!

Strength for the Jedi is everywhere, so is SQL. In the world of programming, SQL can be likened to the air that flows to support all living things. If you look at some giant technology companies like Microsoft, Netflix, Uber, Google, Facebook and so on, they all use SQL! No matter they have developed their own database system, they still depend on SQL.

2. SQL is easy to learn

SQL is easy to learn and if you consider the various benefits of mastering aspects of SQL, investing in this system is very profitable. You can even deal with database interview questions anytime.

3. You deal with portable knowledge that is not binding

What do you mean not binding? That is, if you’re a SQL developer you are not tied to any manufacturer. One of the distinctive characteristics of SQL (when compared to other languages) is that it is used cross-sectionally. For information, many developers always have doubts when they learn a new language. They have doubts that the language they are studying may not be applicable in certain situations. With SQL this doesn’t happen because SQL is the basis of many programming systems.

4. A long history

SQL has a history of no less than 40 years. It was born in the late 70s in an IBM laboratory and began commercially exploited by Oracle in 1979. This is a strong reason why anyone who dedicates himself as a SQL developer must master the ability to answer various Oracle interview questions. SQL was developed over the past 40 years and although many people consider it using, it’s not really outdated.

5. SQL never changes

The SQL standard has never really changed even though each developer treats this language in a different way. Each manufacturer implements SQL in different ways but no matter how far they implement the language, they remain very close to SQL standards. It can be said that the hard core of SQL has never really changed.

6. Knowledge of SQL is highly valued

There are various types of developers in the world of programming, but SQL developers are the most valued. They tend to be very flexible, able to work and create data programming systems from the same hard core. Once you understand the basic concepts of SQL, you can develop various new features based on relational theories. Armed with SQL knowledge, you can enjoy great independence that you might never have gotten before. You can work cross-sectionally without having to be tied to certain producers!