The reputation of your website, and therefore your business, is created because of your actions on that website, the products or services you provide, and your connections. You may do everything right, but you cannot control what other people do when it comes to talking about you. You also cannot control what your competitor is doing. This is why you need ongoing reputation management as, without it, someone with a grudge could easily destroy everything you have worked so hard for.

Why Reputations Matter

The success of your startup depends on your reputation. It takes years to build a positive reputation but only a single action to completely destroy it. It can be destroyed because someone purposefully says something negative about you, because someone has a genuine complaint and you don’t handle it properly, or simply because your competition is better at managing their reputation than you.

Your reputation, however, is what will tell people what you are like. These perceptions will affect your overall success. If there are negative opinions out there, it is likely that you will see an almost instant drop in your website traffic.

How to Deal with Your Negative Reputation

One good tactic is to face any criticism or negative opinions head on. However, you must remain professional and respectful in doing so. It is more important that you are proactive, so that you avoid further negative reviews. If you do this, you will immediately come across as more positive, and as someone who truly listens to their customers.

If you have worked really hard at establishing your brand image, and on creating a beautiful website, it would be terrible if it all got destroyed by one person with an axe to grind. This is why you need to engage in reputation management, which will continuously improve your positive reputation, and make you aware of any negative opinions that are out there. Various tactics exist, including paid promotions and SEO (search engine optimization) to name but a few.

If you work together with a reputation management company, they will also engage in proactive measures to stop further negative effects from happening. Doing this on an ongoing basis is vital to keep your reputation positive.

It is all too easy nowadays for people to fling insults around wherever they like, often in a completely anonymous way. Social networking sites, for instance, can destroy you with the clever use of a hash tag, and you need to know how you can protect yourself from those types of attacks. It is recommended to set up a service contract with a reputation management company. They will monitor what is being said about you at all times, ensuring that if something negative does appear, it is removed, de-indexed, or pushed back straight away. But they will also work very hard to make sure that lots of positive content is generated about you, and that this becomes visible when someone searches for you online.

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