Business set up in UAE requires a license and without a license, no business is allowed to run at any cost. We are living in the age of the internet where we cannot think of any business to run without the aid of the internet. It no more just a want but has now become the need of the time. To take the business from one part of the world, the internet provides the best aid. In this way, businesses can reach millions of people from all over the world.

The economy of Abu Dhabi is as profitable as it could be. It can help the businesses grow but first, you would be needing a license.

E-Commerce License in Abu Dhabi

The rules and regulations of setting up an e-commerce business are easy but they cannot be ignored for sure. A random person cannot just come up and launch the business. There are a certain set of procedures to be followed for Setting up a business in Abu Dhabi. Department of Economic Development (DED) issues the e-commerce license and if you are not granted the license, your business will be considered illegal.

The procedure for obtaining E-commerce license in UAE

Almost all of the people in the UAE have access to the internet. This shows that e-commerce businesses can be quite profitable. Another important thing is to consider the right procedures for the company formation license in UAE you can ask an expert like FAR Consulting Middle east.

Determine the legal structure

The legal structure of the company matters a lot. This is what will determine the legal structure of the company. A person should know whether he wants to go for LLC business set up, branch company, sole proprietorship or any other company form. The most common form of companies in the UAE is that of the branch and LLC companies because they have great advantages.

Choose the best location

The place where you set up your business means a lot to our business socially if you want to attract more audience towards you. Free zones and the mainland can be opted for. Each one of them has separate great advantages. Choose the location while keeping in mind your business type and all other factors included.

Go for tradename registration

As e-commerce businesses do not have physical appearances, a trade name should be the best in all ways. You can use your trade name as your domain name as well so that people may find you as easily as possible. Do not forget to use the most unique name for your business to avoid any sort of complications.

Apply for a license

After you are done with carrying out the other important steps, go for the license application. DED issues the license to go to the first of all. The fee for mainland company formation in UAE is AED10,000 for different steps. Go to the relevant free zone authorities if you want to obtain a free zone license.

Other important steps

Get the No Objection Certificate from the authorities and draft MOA and local service agreement. If the company is getting registered in a free zone, the step of MOA and local agreement can be skipped. These steps are followed by registering the physical office as it is mandatory which is then followed by the final approval which will get you the license in about 1 to 7 days.

Register business with port custom authorities for E-commerce services and open a bank account in UAE to establish your business as quickly as ever.