Alpha-lipoic acid is one of those beneficial and essential micro chemicals which our body produces all by itself, but if your body is not in any good condition then it will not be producing any essential chemicals at all, in such conditions, you will have to ask your doctor and he will prescribe some good alpha lipoic acid supplements. 

If you try to recall then you will be able to remember that when we were studying about mitochondria the powerhouse of our cells then our teachers taught us about alpha lipoic acid, alpha-lipoic acid is manufactured in the cell mitochondria. 

But if cells can create their own alpha-lipoic acid, then why do we need to make sure that its levels are balanced, not every cell in our body is making alpha-lipoic acid, most of the times it is simply the immediate cell lining which is involved int his manufacturers. 

For making alpha-lipoic acid, we will have to provide essential ingredients to our body so that it may absorb them and then create alpha-lipoic acid for us. 

In this article, we will pay a close look to some benefits of alpha-lipoic acids. So that those who are considering it as a very ineffective micronutrient must understand it importance and consult their doctor as soon as possible if they are feeling any issues related to an imbalance of this chemical. 

When Do We Need it? 

If you are suffering from any sort of chronic disease such as diabetes or HIV, then you must also be bearing a low level of alpha-lipoic acid. Moreover, the reason for tiredness and dull skin is also the lowered levels of alpha-lipoic acid. 

As far as the medications are concerned then in Germany many researchers have allowed physicians to prescribe high doses of alpha-lipoic acid. Diabetic patients usually suffer from numbness and burning in feet, alpha-lipoic acid is used for treating these symptoms. 

Moreover, a lot of people are also using alpha lipoic acid supplements for enhancing their mental strength, especially those people who are likely to develop Alzheimer’s. 

It is An Antioxidant 

Our body cannot stop the production of free radicals, as they are inevitably produced during various type of metabolic activities, even the UV radiations are a main cause of free radical productions, for removing and combating free radicals we have to intake antioxidants, alpha lipoic acid is a natural anti-oxidant. 

This antioxidative property of alpha lipoic acid has made it the favorite of a lot of cosmetic companies, they tend to prepare a lot of night or day creams and serums. 

Antioxidants are essential for our health as well; the drug industry also need them for ensuring eh proper death of premature tumors. 

Helps in Controlling Weight 

It prevents the production of the enzyme kinase which will eventually effect the appetite of a person, if you are unable to control your food intake and think it as an anxiety disorder then having alpha lipoic acid supplements or naturally increasing the alpha lipoic acid content in your body will help a lot. 

Maintaining Blood Sugar

According to researches those patients who were given alpha lipoic acid for more than 60 days, their blood glucose level and on the other hand the insulin production was balanced. 

This means that alpha lipoic acid is affecting the production of insulin while managing the blood glucose level in some way. Researchers are still trying to find out the real cause. However, they have successfully retrieved this natural phenomenon that alpha lipoic acid prevents the accumulation of fat on liver, this is how it controls the blood sugar levels. 


For having a healthy and glowing skin it is very important that our blood stream is carrying a good number of antioxidants, alpha lipoic acid ensures a proper quantity of antioxidants. 

A balanced amount of alpha lipoic acid will reduce the wrinkles and fine lines, your skin will become fresh just with forty or 60 days as far as researches have shown. 

Nerve Functioning 

For enhancing the mental strength, alpha lipoic acid has proved itself to be one of the essential chemicals. The malfunctioning which is due to oxidative stress of diabetic neuropathy can be easily reduced through ALA.