A large majority of headgears worn by men are the creation of necessity. However, over time, it has moved from a functional accessory for blocking the sunrays to a trending fashion statement. Hats are a part of a man’s costume for the past few centuries and have played multiple roles. It has been a piece of clothing showing the status of men in high-class society. Understanding the realm of hats for men is a daunting task. It is essential to understand the basics of a hat before choosing the most appropriate one for yourself.

Understaning hat basics

Before you move on to the different techniques of styling a hat, there must be an element for the foundation. A hat is a headcover with crowns in different shapes. If you wish to discern the anatomy of head covers, it is essential to know the parts that make up a hat. Most of the hat styles available in the market have a crown and a brim. The topmost part of the head cover sits on the head of the wearer. It is the area that protrudes on the sides of the headgear, sometimes covering the user’s forehead. Some hats such as baseball caps have a wide brim. A few headgears come with an additional band used to decorate the crown. A hat for women usually comes with a band that rests on the brim of the hat. Headcovers with soft fabric have a sweatband on the base to provide them a good shape.

History of headcovers

In the olden days, it was mostly the men who wore a hat. The first time a man covered his head with a cap belonged to a group of horsemen. The hat in those times was made of straw or felt. Similar to a hat was born a helmet that most men used for entering Warfare. It protected individuals from the enemy and the scorching heat of the sun. In the modern world, hats have revived their utility. It is also used as fashionable wear by most men and women.

Ushering the style of different hats

There is an array of hats available in the market ranging from fedoras baseball caps allowing everyone to be part of the trending accessory.

The iconic Fedora hat

Among all Mens brim hats, the Fedora is the Most iconic epitomizing a classy individual. In ancient times the Fedora hat was worn by women around the 18th century. It got worn by a character in a play whose name was Fedora. Although, the Fedora hat was a part of women’s apparel for many years in the 19th century. Yet, it came along as a fashion accessory for men after a prince used it. The traditional Fedora hat encompasses the felt material and a height of 4-5 inches and a wide brim. 

This Paragon hat is a symbol of class and looks best with formal attire. It has now become a sense of fashion statement and supplements a classical style. Men must pair Fedora hats with blazers and coats, thereby keeping their appearance as classic as possible.

Trilby hats

Another popular type of hat, similar to a Fedora, is a Trilby headgear. It was popular in the theatre in the 18th century, similar to a Fedora. The trilby hat was used by aristocratic men of the British, gaining fame and popularity among horse riders. Although the features of a trilby and a Fedora are similar, the trilby hat has a smaller brim than the Fedora headgear. In modern times, men with beards often pair trilby hats with their attire. Such fashionable headwear does not serve any function as the brim is smaller and does not protect the individual from the sun’s scorching heat. Therefore if you are choosing a trilby over a Fedora, you must remember it serves only the aesthetic purpose of the wearer. Men with medium to large frames must choose a Fedora as the large brim compliments the look of a broad man. However, you can opt for it if you are sleek and tall.

The angled pork pie hat

The appearance of a porkpie hat is doing justice to its name as this fashionable accessory looks like a meat Pie angled upwards over the edge. It has been a fashion among college students in the eighteenth century. However, the Porkpie hat has revived in the current times since it became a signature accessory of a fictional character in a drama series. Pork Pie hats can be addictive for people who like the style. It is suitable for all seasons and blends with several outfits.

The sporty baseball cap

One of the most commonly used headgears by men are baseball caps born in the 18th century as significant clothing for sports. It looks different from other headgears and has a rounded structure and a button at the top. The brim of a baseball hat is called a bill that is elongated in the front. Baseball hats are often a part of young individuals’ casual outfits.

Boater hats

Boater hats are a part of summer accessories used, primarily by men during summer activities. 

However, you can rarely find such a type of headgear these days. It has a flat crown made of solid material.