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Long ago, a school could operate throughout the day without needing to worry about locking the doors or responding the heinous threats. Sadly, that is no longer the reality we live in.

Schools of all sizes and ages must prepare for the worst. This includes bomb threats, active shooter scenarios, and more.

However, we have learned to adapt to new challenges. We have learned how to increase school security to provide a safe and secure place for our children to become educated.

Is your school security up-to-date? Keep reading for five crucial ways of keeping schools secure.

Install Security Cameras Throughout the School Grounds

In terms of small school security issues, installing visible security cameras on the campus is a good way to deter crimes. Most people won’t do anything illegal if they know they’re being watched. That’s why visible security cameras are essential.

In most cases, cameras will prevent things like:

  • Bullying
  • Fights
  • Vandalism
  • Theft

Just make sure the cameras are mounted in a place where potential vandals can paint over them or destroy them.

Control the Entry Points

Controlling the main entry points of the school is one of the most important school security solutions. If your school is surrounded by a perimeter fence, you can set up a controlled entry point at the gate. You might also consider controlling the entry at the main doors.

The level of school security you implement is up to you. In particularly rough neighborhoods, some schools have everyone go through a metal detector and scanner before entering.

Invest in Individual Barricades for Each Room

Active shooters are one of the most frightening school security issues. For this situation, we recommend investing in door barricades for each room.

The barricade is installed inside the door and is secured into the floor when locked. This can prevent entry to individuals looking to do harm. For more information, take a look at these door barricades.

On-Site Security

Keeping schools safe can be exceeding difficult without some form of security personnel. It would be wise to hire campus security.

In some cities, the local police departments assign officers to the nearby schools. If this isn’t an option, consider looking into a security company.

Educate Your Students

Finally, remember that knowledge is power. As such, educating your students is one of the best things you can do to improve school security. Teach them how to respond to various threats and situations.

Just as importantly, talk to them about the realities of these scenarios. This includes talking about the dangers of guns, knives, and other weapons.

Finally, create a communication/alert system where students, faculty, and parents can anonymously report potential threats. Many students who plan to harm or attack their peers will leave hints on social media or make concerning comments to the people around them.

Want to Improve School Security?

If improving your school security is important, follow the advice in this article to start making positive steps today. No one likes to think about the horrifying things that have happened in the last few decades at various schools throughout the country. However, you must be prepared to handle such situations.

And if you want more tips on tech, security, and safety, stick around for a while. Browse through some of our other articles to find more helpful information.