Did you know that a whopping 210 million people of the total 3 billion or so social media users in the world are actually addicted to social media? It’s not an uncommon sight these days to see people as young as 8 or 9 glued to a smartphone or computer screen scrolling through a social media newsfeed. Are you one of these people who are unable to put their phones down? Well, as the statistics show, you’re not alone and there’s a lot that you can do to get rid of this obsession. With that being said, here are a few easy ways you can beat your addiction to social media:

Engage in a social media ‘cleansing’ session

Put a limit, such as 3 or 4 days, within which you cannot use any kind of social networking sites. Delete all applications from your smartphone and use it only for emergency calls and messages. It’s harder than it sounds, but when you do effectively achieve the ‘cleanse,’ you’ll realize you don’t really need digital networks to thrive, because you’re just as satisfied without them. You should also take this opportunity to consider why you can’t seem to resist browsing across Instagram or Twitter in the first place.

Schedule ‘digital moments’ for yourself.

When you’re not happy about going all-in on the ‘cleanse,’ take small steps by just accessing social media at particular times every day. There can be as little as a couple of hours a day, but not any more than that. When you’ve reached your cap, gather the courage to lay your mobile down to prevent yourself from exceeding the limit. Each week, evaluate your success and, if necessary, reduce the limit you’ve set by a few more minutes.

Get something to read.

Trying to read is as relaxing as it gets, and you could even get addicted to a great book just as quickly as you did to social networks. It’s difficult to put away a decent book, and there’s no point in arguing that you’re replacing a poor problem with a better one. Contact your friends for recommendations, or choose something yourself. You would no longer feel the need to pick up your smartphone because you are instead fully absorbed in your learning and reading.

Discover a New Interest

It’s still fun to discover new things, and there’s no greater option to get yourself away from social media than to take up a new hobby. This may be anything like starting from cooking to drawing or even learning a new game. And never quit learning. If the hobbies you choose include various stages of studying, aim to complete all of them and perhaps even try becoming an expert on whatever it is. You will naturally find more activities to devote your time to.

Spend some time with your families’ friends and loved ones.

Talk to your friends, relatives and loved ones in person instead of using a phone. Take them on holidays or schedule some fun evening outs with them. You might also hang in for a ‘burger and film’ dinner, or enjoy some casual video games. However, you need to be careful with video games too, as video game addiction statistics show that gaming is just as bad as social media; if not worse. However, if none of these are available, engage in a friendly chat session with them. Just don’t make phones a part of the plans at any level.

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