10 Different Remarkable Styles for Human Hair Wig

Wigs have become a trendy thing in the last few years. They have become part of the fashion world. Today, you can choose a desired human hair wig according to different colors, lengths, and various textures. Nadula human hair offers you a variety of U part Wigs. We do ensure our customers get hold of quality wigs.

We have wigs such as the Body wave human hair, Bob wig, a straight U part wig, curly wigs, kinky straight human hair, and kinky curly. U part wigs are durable, stylish, and natural. You can opt for a different appearance with the same old style. The reason why U part wigs are preferable to many is that you can style them to your preference. Here are various ways that you can style your wig and look classy in different styles with the same wig:

1. Ponytail

The ponytail is one of the easiest hairstyles to modify. The wig is pulled away from the face and gathered at the head’s middle back, then secured from falling loose with a hair clip, hair tie, a rubber band, or other hair accessories.

If you are going for a formal event, you can consider trying it at the side of the head or the top of the head. U part human hair wigs also enable you to divide it into two segments, making pigtails, ponytails, or bunches.

2. Braiding

It is weaving strands lace front wigs together, making them intertwine. It can also be referred to as interlacing, plaiting, or lacing. You can braid your wig in different styles like knotless braids, box braids, spring twist, French braid, fishtail, and corn-rows too.

3. Loose curls

If you are tired of your straight U part wig, then the waves/loose curls is an excellent alternative. This style adds dimension and interest to your hair, yet keeping it simple. As you consider this style, you should curl the wig using a non-heating option to damage the wig authenticity.

  1. Curls with accessories

A fascinator or a beautiful hair clip can also be added to your human hair wig after curling it. The curl with accessories is an excellent choice if you are going to a fancy banquet or a wedding.

Adding a hair clip or a fascinator can also keep the wig away from your face on a windy day if you do not like a fancy ponytail. However, do not accessorize your wig without curls. It will look as if you just got the hair clip and randomly stuck it on yours, which is not a good look.

  1. Half updo/ half down/ half up

In the hairstyle, you are required to divide your human hair wig from the back. It is then fixed into a bun such that it forms an updo and secured with the rest of the wig is left free. It is the right style since it looks good on almost everyone and also functions as a wig of any length. It merely gives you elegance.

  1. Hime Cut

Hime cut is where you straighten your wig then cut some part of it cut to shoulder length and a fringe that reaches the eyebrows. However, this style is only possible if the wig is long and goes past the shoulder blades, and it might limit you in terms of styles when you decide to change your look.

7.Jheri Curl

For this style, you have to curl the wig into small curls then give it a moist-look. Jheri curl activator is used to maintain the moist look curl.

8. Layered style

This style is for people who don’t want to look “normal.” You cut your human hair wig at different sections in different lengths bringing out the impression of layers.

9. Chignon

Chignon is where you gather all the hair strands in the wig then secure them at the base of the neck with a hair tie.

10. Pin-ups

Long time human hair will need you to change or clean for maintenance. Long hair wig requires a stylish touch to get the wig from your back. Pin-ups is an excellent style to get that hair off your back. You can pin up in a French twist or a ballerina bun. Pin-ups are the right choice for a special occasion that will leave you looking fancy.