For most companies and enterprises with a production area, safety assessments and appropriate training on hazards must be carried out today. Disregarding health and safety regulations can have unpleasant consequences. The safety of people on workplace/company premises is extremely important, and failure to do so can endanger someone’s health or life.

Therefore, companies with a prerequisite for occupational safety must train their own employees and co-workers about all important sources of danger as well as the professional operation of the machines in production. This includes the use of protective clothing. There must be a regulation for the mandatory wearing of protective work clothing such as work gloves. It is also mandatory to wear protective work clothing such as the work gloves mentioned above, as the work gloves on the one hand protect and on the other keep clean.

If the employee does not comply with the instructions for work gloves and, for example, refuses to wear work gloves, insurance cover is provided in the event of an accident at work. In order to avoid this, safety instructions on the necessary use of the work gloves must be given in advance to employees in production. If an accident at work nevertheless occurs without using the gloves, the employee’s health insurance company will pay for the damage.

It is also possible that in the event of a repeated violation of not using the work gloves, certain services of the cooperative will no longer be provided. For example, a company is also obliged to make the work gloves available to the production employees in order to ensure that the work gloves are actually worn. If the gloves are not worn, the employee may be threatened with a warning. Statistically, most accidents in production happen by hand, which in turn shows the importance of work gloves. They also have the advantage of protecting hands from unnecessary dirt.

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