With the voice of the customer, SEO has a direct association. And, most significantly, it’s a unique way for the marketers who want the content to be more innovative.

Here we will see some of the ways to preachy SEO to the content of marketing groups.

  1. Make Creative speculation using the clouds of keyword

All the content marketers have liability for doing research on the keyword for the creation of the content. But sometimes they do their job with the method of old–school, or you may call it that in a very rigid way where they include all the parameters like

But too often they approach it in a painfully old-school way like:

  • Getting an idea
  • Content creation
  • Arranging titles, URLs, headers along with some other fundamentals to support the keywords.

On marketing teams of an enterprise, the team of SEO is providing research of keyword to the content marketers or developing content by themselves from the autonomous team of the content team.

When a team makes research on the keyword, the process is not considered to be the part making logical speculation on the content, but it is also one kind of creative application by itself that is creating the clouds of the keyword as a branch of brainstorming period.

Very often all the content marketers apply their own device to use research of keyword, and they use this in such a technique where they can view this problem in a remarkable light.

The marketer of the content who works with SEO starts making the ideas to decide the topic of their content, and after that, they start pushing all the content to the tool of the content marketers. You can visit the site of White Label Agency Clicks Geek that educates the marketers about the usage of Google.

The marketers of keywords start making innovative ideas until they find a convincing and exceptional point of view so that it helps them to serve as a strong strategy of keyword outline for those parts of the content that has the sensation to be integrated and factual to the topic.

  1. Make content to touch the eternity

If you ever try to look back remember the past when some talented writers of your company created various blog posts is like to visit that house what was once made by you and you spend your childhood at that time. But with the time you have left the house for some others who are residing in that house also for a long period. The above scenario is very common and considerably strange. The entrance is indifferent, but all the furnishings are just unusual.

This kind of incident happens because the greater part of the content that the writers create with their talent finishes up in a big town of phantom and it survives in a precarious position.

But hopefully there still exists some people in that desert, or you may tell that there still exists some are still continuing to catch traffic and also hold a decent place on the pages of SERP. But truly most of these companies are doing their job such as it is their responsibility and also as an activity to pamper their nostalgia.

That’s the place where SEO is probably to create a difference to the teams of content marketing.

If you’ve spent your calories in the form of your effort, time and budget, in making something, then you must desire any positive outcome out of it.

To perform that particular job you have to look around all of your content that was written earlier, and by doing this task, you must try to discover your member who will do the job of redeveloping and republishing.


The candidates of redevelopment have the inclination to judge everything in the view of modern times. Generally, all those pieces of content dangle on the boundary line of coming on paper one on the pages of a SERP. What is required is nothing but some small modification and some edition so that they can come to a place of success only with the help of those outstanding keywords that are placed at a distance.

If the size of the search by doing on a monthly basis is high and the distance of the keyword is maintained properly, then it is probably that the content will get the priority to qualify for redevelopment

Also, try to look at all those posts that confirmed unexpected falls in that traffic that is grown organically to indicate that something innovative is going to happen on the pages of SERP or with the blog post.

After scrutinizing the entire factor try to implement those changes that are required to redevelop your content.


The method of Republication necessitates more stringent credentials for the competition. The process of discovery in the initial stage is indifferent but

The initial discovery process is the same, but the content or the topic of the content is obsolete. Then the group of republication works together to come to a decision that if it is meaningful to utilize all the previous piece of content like a foundation, so that is possible to make something improved and new that also adjust to the strategy of present content and also the opportunity of SEO.

It is seen that the real content is very much in support with the opportunity of keyword, and then the group of republication uses their additional resource to making new content.

  1. Develop touchpoints of the content and also the paths of the user

The rate of Bounce rate is like a misfortune for the team of the content because the team members don’t understand how to move towards it. By the concept paths of the user, it refers that on-site content, UX, and SEO work together.

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