G Suite was formerly known as Google Apps but was re-branded in late 2016. G Suite features a set of great tools that are helpful especially for startups desiring to take their businesses to the next level. G Suite is commendable for users who need email hosting for their companies.

The good thing about G Suite is that it provides business owners with an opportunity to manage their businesses effectively by boosting their workflow and also improve communication amongst their staffs. Another good thing is that with a G Suite promo code, you can save 20% of your payment. Also, through G Suite you can enjoy a number of great powerful Google tools such as shared calendars, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Hangouts and more.

If you are new to it, you can get a guide of the G Suite setup to enable you to create you your G Suite account that helps you to get a professional email, online storage and more. Once you create your G Suite account, you will be able to share spreadsheets and documents and also use instant messaging. In addition, sharing of calendars with other becomes easy thus making it easy to schedule your meetings.

For users who had an ordinary Gmail account, you will like G Suite since it looks just the same as your ordinary Gmail account but has a slight exception in that instead of having your email like user@gmail.com, your email will look like user@yourdomain.com. For current users of Gmail, you do not have to train to use G Suite.

In this article, I have compiled a list of the benefits that your business can enjoy when you move from free Gmail to G Suite. Read with me to know why you should move today!

1.      Saves your budget

G Suite features a set of tools that you most likely used to like Gmail, Docs, Google Drive and Calendar and all these tools are free, however, to get extra features, you should upgrade to the paid service. Today, more than 3 million businesses are already enjoying its usefulness. The good thing about G Suite is that it offers a comprehensive work organization and in fact, if you want to move from an office server to G Suite it’s easy and you don’t have to seek assistance from an expert or a consultant in case there arise any issue.

G Suite offers two plans to its users, you can sign up for a free basic plan for less than 10 users but for any extra user, you only pay a monthly fee of $5. Your business will also receive 30 GB of inbox storage and group alias addresses. If you want to sign up for the professional plan, you will be required to pay a monthly fee of $10 which will give you an opportunity to enjoy unlimited cloud storage, eDiscovery capabilities, you will also be able to store and set retention guidelines for emails and instant messages.

2.      Email account ownershipOnce you create a G Suite account and you create your employees’ email accounts, your business owns the employees’ emails accounts so your employees have no authority over the accounts. Take, for instance, one of your employees resign from your business and secures employment from your competitor or opens up his company to compete with you while at the same time they own the email address they used to send and receive messages from your customers?

When using G Suite, you don’t have to worry about such situations since if an employee leaves your company, G Suite administration helps you to immediately reset that employee’s password and switch all the emails sent to their address to another employee who is still working with you. Another good thing is that you can download the employee’s history. 

If you are new to it, you can get a guide of the G Suite setup to enable you to create you your G Suite account that helps you to get a professional email, online storage and more.

3.      Document ownershipG Suite enables your company to enjoy ownership of all Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets created by employees. It is worth noting that Google Drive is another backup substitute for services like Dropbox. It is advisable to have a company policy that requires employees to back up their documents and files to the companies Google Drive. This enables you to have full access to all the company’s documents and files in case you decide to fire an employee or when an employee resigns from your company.