Are you looking for the best robot vacuum for carpet or hardwood floors with HEPA filter in the market? Well, search no more. This page will recommend to you top 10 vacuums with HEPA filter in 2019 for both carpet and hardwood floors.

#10. Kenmore with Pet and Allergy Bagged

This is a bagged upright vacuum robot vacuum t that will be perfect the most if there is somebody with sensitive nose in your family. Yap, the HEPA inner bag attached to the product will make it possible for you to keep all the airborne pollutants away from your kids. The robot vacuum from Kenmore also comes with an innovative infrared sensor. The feature comes with an ability to highlight areas in your house that require further attention.

#9. HEPA Miele AirClean C3

If you are looking for a low-key robot vacuum with a highly capable machine, this Miele C3 will be one of the perfect options you can take. The product is supported with Vortex motor system that will allow the machine to improve the impeccable cleaning on whatever surface you have for your floor. The canister of the product is also combined with power settings and a lengthy telescopic that is controlled by a footswitch.

#8. Dyson Ball Multi-Floor 2 Upright

As the name suggests, this robot vacuum can be used for both hardwood floors and carpets. Additionally, this product is fully certified allergy and asthma-friendly to allow you to keep away irritation from anyone with sensitive noses in your family. It also comes with 250 watts suction power for the better cleaning process. Furthermore, emptying the dirt cup of the product is easy.

#7. Shark Rotator NV752

This NV752 comes with ergonomic fingertip controls to allow you to control it easily wherever you need it. Additionally, the Liftaway canister of the product will make it possible for you to get more scopes. The feature will also allow you to conduct valuable finishing all at ease. There is also LED light to help you make sure that you have cleaned the dirty areas thoroughly. This product will be perfect the most to be used on carpets which need more attention while being cleaned.

#6. Dyson V10 Absolute

This is another robot vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors and carpets from Dyson in the list. The product will make it possible for you to enjoy all the convenience you can get from a robot vacuum. The HEPA filtration is ideal to help you get rid away airborne pathogens from your house. This Dyson V10 Absolute can also be used for a full hour of runtime each time you turn it on for cleaning your floors. There are also three power modes available on its digital motor to allow you to operate the robot vacuum all at ease.

#5. Vacmaster 8-Gallon

This is another best robot vacuum with HEPA filter in the list. Vacmaster 8-Gallon will be perfect the most for a heavy-duty purpose. The HEPA filtration that supports the product will make it possible for you to keep the air in your house as clean as the flooring. It is also ideal the most for lengthy and messy clean-ups.

#4. Oreck Magnesium RS with HEPA Inner Bag

This Oreck Magnesium RS has all you need from a good robot vacuum product with HEPA filter. It comes with the Saniseal Docking System to help you conduct a thorough cleaning process. It also generates an impressive power suction of 7000 RPM. The twin LEDs will allow you to maneuver the product easy to clean any gloomy spots on your floors.

#3. Soniclean HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

This is another best robot vacuum for carpet that you can find in the market. This upright vacuum cleaner comes with the ability to roll over your carpet and makes it clean. Meanwhile, the lie-flat design of the robot vacuum also makes it possible for you to use the product to reach the bottom part of your furniture easily.

#2. iRobot Roomba 761

This product comes with a patented triple-tiered cleaning system for a better cleaning result. This is also easy to operate the product and all you need to do is just push the button to let you get the jobs done. The highly intelligent sensors will also allow you to enjoy navigation nimble while cleaning.

#1. Shark DuoClean Apex

This is another best robot vacuum for hardwood floors and carpets to buy in 2019. It comes with a complete seal anti-allergen technology that will safe for the whole members of your family. The product also supports integrated handheld to allow you to enjoy better finishing touches.